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mobile roaming rates

  1. CRTC Regulates Rates and Big Cell Phone Players

    Industry News
    Today, the CRTC determined it necessary to regulate the wholesale roaming rates of Canada’s three largest cell phone carriers in order to foster greater competition in the Canadian mobile market. This mandate comes on the heels of a public hearing held on the issue in Gatineau, Quebec. The...
  2. Rogers Introduces Flat Fee Overseas Roaming Package

    Industry News
    Starting April 15 th , 2015, Rogers Communications will be extending its popular ROAM LIKE HOME TM offer to cover over 35 countries in Europe. This added service will allow Rogers customers to talk, text, send emails, share photos and surf when abroad with ROAM LIKE HOME on their Share...
  3. WIND Mobile lowers domestic roaming rates

    Industry News
    by Christina Peden Wind mobile announced Thursday a plan to reduce fees for domestic roaming rates across their partner networks in Canada and the US.  The new rates come into effect immediately. Previously, Wind customers could expect to pay 20₵ per minute for incoming and outgoing calls in...
  4. Bell offers reduced mobile roaming costs for travel to Cuba

    Industry News
    Bell has announced reduced mobile roaming costs for customers travelling to Cuba, including data, voice and text roaming. Cuba joins the growing list of countries where Bell has reduced its roaming costs after negotiations with international telecom suppliers.  The popular vacation destination...
  5. Rogers Adds New U.S. Roaming Rate

    Industry News
    Canadians, unsurprisingly, want to use wireless data whenever they want while travelling in the US, but remain uneasy about roaming charges. Rogers has stepped up to alleviate the concern by introducing a new wireless roaming internet rate for US-bound travelers. For $7.99 per day, customers...
  6. Vancouver's Roam Mobility Launches Self-Activating SIM Cards

    Industry News
    Vancouver-based Roam Mobility is launching a self-activating SIM card that delivers full service within minutes of purchase. Beginning on Nov. 19th, Canadian travelers looking to reduce roaming charges when in the US, can use the Ready SIM cards with 3, 7, 14, or 30 days of unlimited...