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  1. Canadians Getting More Say on Location of Cellphone Towers

    Industry News
    If you feel slighted about having no input about where cellphone towers are placed in your city, things are looking up. Mobile phone service providers will begin to discuss where cellphone towers will be placed with both individual homeowners and municipalities. "Telecommunications carriers...
  2. How much do Canadians love their smartphones?

    Industry News
    Do you check your mobile phone before brushing your teeth in the morning? And do you go to bed with your smartphone by your side? Evidently, if you answered yes, you fit right in with the majority of Canadians according to the latest Rogers Innovation Report. Just over half of Canadians say...
  3. MTS Allstream Hires Ericsson to Build Out 4G LTE Network

    Industry News
    Manitoba residents craving a lightning-fast 4G mobile network in their province will be relieved to know that Ericsson is on the job. MTS Allstream (TSX: MBT) selected the Swedish-based telecommunications leader to furnish the LTE Network to enable commercial services in 2012, such as video and...
  4. Ericsson Acquires Canada's BelAir Networks

    Industry News
    Swedish telecom giant Ericsson announced it is buying Canadian WiFi technology firm BelAir Networks. Ericsson will purchase 100 percent of the shares in the privately-held, Ottawa-based firm which employs 120. Bernard Herscovich, CEO of BelAir Networks, said in a statement: "By focusing on the...