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  1. More apps?

    Okay, I noticed that when it comes to apps and widgets, Mediaroom can create some pretty wicked experiences. Yet, SaskTel seems to be keeping things rather plain;pretty much the only new "app" we've had lately is the MySask411 one. Do you think maybe they need more actual experiences to show...
  2. Bell Aliant: Mediaroom 2.0.26507.101 Upgrade - June 2011

    Bell Aliant Home Phone, Internet, IPTV
    This thread will discuss the upgrade of Fibreop TV to Mediaroom 2.0.26507.101. The main feature is that you will now be able to pause live TV on any Set-Top-Box (STB). Mediaroom does this by buffering all active live TV streams on the PVR before sending them to the VIP1200 STBs. Pause live TV...
  3. MTS TV set to upgrade to Mediaroom 2.0

    Industry News
    In an email sent to its customers, MTS has announced it will update the Microsoft Mediaroom software that drives its MTS Ultimate Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) service, to Version 2.0 throughout the month of April. In addition to a change in how the menu options are laid out on screen...
  4. Content Protection in Windows Vista Media Center

    Home Theatre Personal Computer & Media Extenders
    I'll start this post by saying I'm slightly annoyed by this, if my assumption is correct. I use Vista Media Center and XBOX360 extenders (rather than pay my provider (Sasktel) $10 a month for PVR service). The other night, my Media Center recorded an episode of "House". I have a bunch of...
  5. Info screen popup - Mediaroom bug

    Since MTS upgraded to Mediaroom version 1.6.25314.10 I've noticed a new Mediaroom bug. The INFO menu will pop up on the TV for no reason. The INFO menu is the Program Info/Summary screen you get when you press the INFO button on the remote. You can get rid of the menu by either pressing the...
  6. Telus TV lets you use your XBOX 360 as a digital set top box

    Industry News
    Telus this week unveiled a great new feature for its Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) service which allows Telus TV - recently rebranded as Optik TV - subscribers to use an XBOX 360 as a secondary digital set top box. The company says it’s the first broadcast distributor in North America to...
  7. Mediaroom Future Upgrades - What do you hope for and expect?

    Telus IPTV (also known as Optik TV)
    I've had Mediaroom for a week now with 1 PVR and 2 regular boxes. I think the system is great; the PVR software is much better than what is available with Shaw, the menu and guide system is excellent and the size of the boxes is much nicer as well. I also really like the remote a lot more than...
  8. Telus TV launches improved IPTV service

    Industry News
    Telus last week launched an updated version of its IPTV service 'Telus TV' in Western Canada which the company claims which offers a dramatically better television viewing experience for its customers. Powered by Microsoft Mediaroom, the service offers a networked multi-room Personal Video...
  9. MTS rolls out IPTV service in Portage la Prairie

    MTS Allstream Inc., Canada's largest Internet Protocol television (IPTV) service provider in this country, announced today that it has launched its MTS TV service in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba.