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  1. OMNI2 in Toronto with HDHomeRun = Black

    Home Theatre Personal Computer & Media Extenders
    Omni2 in Toronto is on 69.1 (51 real). I have an HDHomeRun which recognized it perfectly and displays it in the preview window. When I try to show it in W7 Media Centre it shows as black with no audio. I have seen some posts about this which say SiliconDust blames OMNI, but other tuners work...
  2. Charlottetown, PE Linksys WMCE54ag wireless Windows Media Center Extender

    Items for Sale
    This Windows Media Center Extender is ONLY compatible with XP MCE (not Vista or Windows 7). For this use, it works great for allowing MP3's and recorded and live TV to be viewed on a remote set. $30 local pickup, shipping at cost...
  3. Content Protection in Windows Vista Media Center

    Home Theatre Personal Computer & Media Extenders
    I'll start this post by saying I'm slightly annoyed by this, if my assumption is correct. I use Vista Media Center and XBOX360 extenders (rather than pay my provider (Sasktel) $10 a month for PVR service). The other night, my Media Center recorded an episode of "House". I have a bunch of...
  4. Videotron HD + my PC as PVR

    Hello folkz, I'm waiting for Videotron to be installed this weekend, but I wanted to knwo if there was a way to use my PC as a PVR, ideally to record and schedule HD content. I'm not willing to pay $499 for a PVR when my PC has more than enough HD space and is about 8feet from the TV. Any...
  5. Mediaroom Future Upgrades - What do you hope for and expect?

    Telus IPTV (also known as Optik TV)
    I've had Mediaroom for a week now with 1 PVR and 2 regular boxes. I think the system is great; the PVR software is much better than what is available with Shaw, the menu and guide system is excellent and the size of the boxes is much nicer as well. I also really like the remote a lot more than...
  6. QC - Île de Montréal (centre et est) - Réception OTA

    OTA en français
    QC - Île de Montréal (centre et est) - Réception OTA Bonjour , Voici mon probleme j'ai acheté une antenne comme cella Mais je pogne pas les poste en VHF et la réception UHF n'est pas a son meilleur, apres plusieur manipulation...
  7. ATSC Tuners In HDTVs (see Samsung Poll)

    Over-The-Air (OTA) Digital Television
    My TV has a built in ATSC tuner and I'm wondering what the advantages (I'm sure there are a number) to owning a seperate box to handle things. Of course I read that the LG LST-4200A was the choice of champions (in the mini-FAQ) but are there any really compelling features that make it a must...