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  1. Sharp 40 inch LCD LC-40E67UN Replaced Main Board, Still Not Working

    HDTV: High Definition Television (LCD & Plasma)
    Hi all, I'm new to the forum (longtime reader, first time poster), but I've read as much as I can to try to figure out my issue. Any and all help would be appreciated. My TV had a problem where the color and contrast was all out of whack. I brought it to an authorized service rep, and he...
  2. My pixels are slowly being slaughtered one-by-on. It's a freaking massacre here!

    HDTV: High Definition Television (LCD & Plasma)
    Hi All, I've got what seems to be a dead pixel problem that has become a significant issue with my Toshiba 47HL167 TV. It had started with a reasonably large grouping (120ish?) pixels failing seemingly at once and has since over the past week spidered up the screen in a row of vertically...
  3. LG LX9500 and LX6500 Infinia Series

    HDTV: High Definition Television (LCD & Plasma)
    LG Electronics today announced a suite of 3D technology products which includes its new "Infinia" LED HDTVs. The 3D ready Infinia LX9500 and LX6500 series HDTVs come in 47" and 54" sizes and will be in store later this summer. The LX9500 models features 3D-capable display technology with full...
  4. Toshiba announces UX600 Series of IETV

    HDTV: High Definition Television (LCD & Plasma)
    Toshiba today announced the availability of its new DLNA certified UX600 Internet enabled television (IETV) in 40″, 46″ and 55″ screen sizes. The Toshiba 40UX600, 46UX600 and 55UX600 with WiFi adaptor will be available in U.S. stores this month for $1,400, $1,700 and $2,500 respectively. In...
  5. Safe to mount LCD to one stud?

    Home Theatre Construction
    Hi everyone. I picked the mono price low profile wall mount ID 4114 last week. I have two windows and I want to mount my Sony LCD in between them. I found a stud directly between the two windows. The studs are exactly 14" apart. The wall bracket is not wide enough so is it safe to mount the...
  6. GE Branded LCD Televisions coming to market

    HDTV: High Definition Television (LCD & Plasma)
    More than two decades after exiting the television manufacturing business, General Electric Co. is entering a new joint partnership that will make GE-branded flat panel TVs that connect to the Internet. The giant conglomerate is granting the use of its brand for 10 years and taking a 49 percent...
  7. Hitachi Showcases Full Line of UltraThin LCDs at CEDIA

    HDTV: High Definition Television (LCD & Plasma)
    Hitachi showed off its UltraThin “1.5” LCDs at CEDIA this week that are available in four screen sizes (32-inch, 37-inch, 42-inch and 47-inch). First announced at CES 2008, the new 1.5 line is further differentiated by its appealing design that, importantly, extends a complete 360 degrees...