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  1. Industry News
    From tablets to keyboards and graphic pens, there are deals to be had online this Cyber Monday. Having a tablet around the house is useful. You can take it wherever you wish more easily than you can a laptop and its bigger than your phone, offering better ease-of-use when you need to type or...
  2. Industry News
    Microsoft Hardware has announced the SideWinder X4 keyboard which the company promises will provider PC gamers more control over their gaming experience thanks to "anti-ghosting" technology. Ghosting occurs when a key is held down for a prolonged period of time while playing a game and the...
  3. Home Computing
    If you've ever fumbled around trying to use a keyboard in a low light situation, then you may be interested in a new backlit keyboard announced this week by Logitech which is slated to arrive in retail stores this October. Should be great for Home Theatre applications or for late night typing...
1-3 of 3 Results