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  1. Industry News
    CNN's Will Ripley gives us a peek into Japan's robot revolution—and what he finds might just be the future of robots in the homes of the world.
  2. Industry News
    The CRTC has released a commissioned report entitled "Price Comparisons of Wireline, Wireless and Internet Services in Canada and with Foreign Jurisdictions". The report compares the prices of wireline, mobile wireless, wireline broadband and mobile broadband services in Canada with Australia...
  3. Industry News
    Japanese website Youmiuri is reporting today that Toshiba is going to release a 3DTV before the end of the year that does not require viewers to wear special glasses when watching 3D content. The site claims Toshiba has developed an imaging system that emits rays of light at different angles...
  4. Video Game Consoles and PC Gaming
    Looks like Japan has latched onto the PS3 once again as it stomped the other consoles in sales: DSi -- 171,925 PSP -- 50,358 PS3 -- 39,587 Wii -- 23,123 DS Lite -- 16,369 PS2 -- 6,714 Xbox 360 -- 6,119 The PS3 beat the combined sales of the Wii and 360, and rose over 900% from last week when...
1-4 of 4 Results