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  1. Phishing

    Home Computing
    I received a phishing Email a few days ago that was so good it almost fooled me. It was made to look like it was from Paypal and said I had authorized a large payment. Every link in the Email was to the actual Paypal site, for things like unsubscribe, except for one to click if the authorization...
  2. Certain Air Canada Flyers Will Get Access to Free Wi-Fi in 2018

    Industry News
    If you fly often, and using Air Canada to get from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’ is an attractive option, you could have more chances to connect in the skies for free in January. Canada’s largest airline announced today that it will be offering its most frequent flyers the choice of obtaining...
  3. Unlimited Internet in Ontario: Fido vs Costco/Primus

    Industry News
    Looking for Internet with unlimited data in Ontario? These two companies both have options worth considering. Getting a good deal on unlimited Internet services is something everyone wants. The offers are many, and it can pay to compare to get the most for your dollar. Back in 2015,  Fido...
  4. 6 of the Most Affordable Internet Packages On the East Coast

    Industry News
    With varying prices in the Maritimes and many service providers, it can pay to do your homework when it comes to getting affordable Internet. ­­ Canada’s Maritime provinces are full of great sights and experiences. From the ­­­Bay of Fundy, to whale watching, delicious seafood, red-sand...
  5. Most Afffordable Internet in Canada’s North

    Industry News
    Living in Canada's north? For the most affordable Internet deals in the Yukon, Northwest Territories, Nunavut and other northern areas, read on. Getting affordable Internet service is something we all need. If you’re living in Canada’s beautiful North you have a few options to choose from to...
  6. 7 Cheapest Internet Deals in Ontario

    Industry News
    Internet is a great tool, but no one wants to pay more for it than they have to. Getting affordable service is a must. In Ontario, there are quite a few service providers to choose from, some with better reviews than others. In an effort to broaden the playing field and cover both larger and...
  7. 3 Cheapest Internet Packages in B.C

    Industry News
    Do you like spending your hard earned money, but just not on pricey Internet packages you don’t need? Here are some of the smallest on offer from dependable companies operating in British Columbia. If you’re living in beautiful British Columbia and looking for Internet service that won’t run...
  8. Carry Telecom

    Internet, Landline and Wireless Phone
    Hello All, I just recently switched to a new company for Internet called Carry Telecom. They service Ontario and Quebec. $40.00 for 50Mbps download and 10Mbps upload (DSL on Bell's Network). So far it has been amazing. My speed test results are here: by Ookla - My Results Thanks,
  9. Internet: Virgin vs Bell-Who Has a Better Deal?

    Industry News
    Looking for internet service? Wondering how different plans add up? We’ve examined the current internet plans from Virgin and Bell, to see who has the better deal. Each company has something slightly different to offer and either could be best bet for you, depending on what you need. Here’s...
  10. CRTC Completes Plan to Bring Internet to Remote Communities in Canada Via Bell, MTS and Telus

    Industry News
    The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) announced today that more than 280 rural and remote communities in British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec now have access to broadband Internet services. Under a plan that was approved by the CRTC in 2010...
  11. Bell Aliant Gives Atlantic Customers More This Fall With FibreOP

    Industry News
    Earlier this fall, Halifax-based Bell Aliant, announced new enhancements for customers in Atlantic Canada that will provide access to an improved TV viewing experience, and faster Internet. Bell Aliant is now offering more TV programming with 25 new On Demand channels and close to 1,000 more...
  12. Facebook Drone to Bring Internet to Remote Locations Across Earth

    Industry News
    Facebook is to begin test flights later this year for a solar powered drone that will bring Internet to remote locations throughout the world. The drone, boasting a wingspan to match a Boeing 737, weighs less than 460 kg (1000 pounds) and is designed to fly at high altitudes for up to three...
  13. Cogeco - Cobourg Outages

    This is a message to start a thread about Outages for Cobourg / Port Hope Areas. Today, without any form of notice there was an interruption of service that affected not only my local node, but also the WHOLE of COBOURG and PORT HOPE. Has anyone else been disrupted by this terrible customer...
  14. CRTC Lowering Rates for Internet Services in Northern Canada

    Industry News
    The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) today required Northwestel to lower the rates for certain residential Internet services by 10 to 30%. Northern Canadians who are clients of Northwestel could see a reduction applied to their monthly Internet bills by May...
  15. Unlimited Internet Access Available with Revamped Packages from Rogers

    Industry News
    Revamped internet packages are now available for consumers across Canada with the introduction of the new Rogers Ignite plan. The fully-loaded plan gives customers unlimited usage options, consistent reliable speeds as well as subscriptions to Rogers™ NHL GameCentre LIVE™ and shomi™ inclusive...
  16. Mobile devices have nearly doubled the time Canadians spend online

    Industry News
    A new report has revealed just how much time Canadians are spending online. Hint: it`s a lot. According to measurement firm comScore, there were almost 28 million Canadians accessing the internet with a computer as of August. They spent an average of 39 hours a month on the web when using a...
  17. Canadians will no longer need to give 30-days notice to cancel TV, internet or phone service

    Industry News
    Looks like another strike for the Big Three telcos. The CRTC today announced that Canadians will no longer have to give their provider advance notice if they would like to cancel their television subscription service. This is the first, of presumably many, decisions to come out of the CRTC’s...
  18. How does my office building get a better Bell line?

    Internet, Landline and Wireless Phone
    So, the company I work for has been growing pretty quickly over the last year (Gone from 2 employees to 10) and the 6 Megabit DSL Dry loop connection we have with Teksavvy WAS doing the job but now it's almost unusable. I've called every possible competitor and continually am told they can't do...
  19. Keeping MTS Internet, Getting Rid of MTS Land-line

    MTS POTS Line Rental. I live in Churchill, and I have Internet and residential POTS. If I get rid if my POTS and keep my Internet service, do I still have to pay the $23 line rental fee?
  20. CRTC seeks to end Nortwestel telephone monopoly in Northern Canada

    Industry News
    In a Telecom ruling handed down today, the CRTC says it will open up Canada’s North to local telephone competition starting next May. The federal regulator says residents in many parts of the Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut will have the option to choose from competing telephone...