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internet usage

  1. Netflix users consume one third of internet traffic during primetime

    Industry News
    Real-Time Entertainment applications, primarily video streaming, now accounts for 60% of peak downstream traffic in North America according to a report released today by Waterloo based Sandvine. Sandvine says that during peak primetime hours (7pm to 9pm) Netflix users are the largest consumers...
  2. Four out of five Canadians went on-line for personal use in 2010

    Industry News
    The following statistic might surprise some readers of Digital Home but a Statscan report released yesterday found that 80% of Canadian aged 16 years and older used the Internet for personal use in 2010. In its 2010 Canadian Internet Use Survey, the federal reporting agency found the largest...
  3. Smartphones and Tablets account for almost 7% of U.S. Web traffic

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    A report out today from comScore has found that computers accounted for 93.2 percent of web traffic in the U.S. during August. Approximately two-thirds of the remaining 6.8 percent of traffic was sent or received from mobile phones with tablets accounting for much of the remainder. The research...
  4. Four out of Five Canadians logged on to the net in 2009

    Industry News
    In 2009, four out of five (80%) Canadians aged 16 and older or 21.7 million people logged onto the Internet for personal reasons, up from 73% in 2007, according to Industry Canada's 2009 Canadian Internet Use Survey. The survey, which was conducted in November of 2009, asked more than 23,000...
  5. Simultaneous use of Internet and TV up 35% in U.S.

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    In the last quarter of 2009, the amount of time Americans spent using the Internet while watching TV reached three and a half hours a month, up 35% from the previous quarter. The results are according to The Nielsen Company’s latest Three Screen Report, which tracks consumption across TV...
  6. Online Canadians spend more time on Internet than watching TV

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    The average online Canadian spends 18.1 hours per week online versus 16.9 hours watching television according to the results of a recent survey by Ipsos Reid. The firm's findings were based on an internet only survey of 839 adult Canadians who were part of an Ipsos online panel. The research...