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internet service providers

  1. US Broadband Provider ICOA to Acquire B.C.'s TANGO Software

    Industry News
    TANGO Software, based in Richmond, B.C., has agreed to sell a majority stake to ICOA, a broadband wireless Internet network provider. TANGO, a specialist in digital security and payment processing software, has integrated processors with payment gateways including FDMS, Nova Systems, BCE...
  2. Teksavvy Cable Internet Service no longer Digital Home recommended

    Industry News
    In July, Digital Home wrote High Speed Internet Smackdown: Rogers Vs. Teksavvy in which I recommended Teksavvy Cable Internet service over Rogers Internet service because the Teksavvy service was more cost effective, provided excellent customer service, and provided high bandwidth caps and...
  3. High Speed Internet Smackdown: Rogers vs Teksavvy

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    An Angus Reid study released this week found that 46 per cent of Canadian respondents would give up watching television before they would ditch using the Internet or their phones. Thirty-five percent said they would rather give up their phone in order to continue their online and television...
  4. Videotron records strong subscriber growth in 2010

    Industry News
    Videotron, Quebec's largest cable company, recently announced it had logged its seventh consecutive year of subscriber growth in 2010 with gains in every area of its business including cable, digital phone, internet services and wireless. By the end of 2010, Videotron had 1,811,600 subscribers...
  5. CRTC holding more hearings into Usage Based Billing (UBB)

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    The CRTC has announced that it will hold public hearings starting July 11th as part of its now continuing review into wholesale residential high-speed Internet access services. The new proceedings, which will occur when many Canadians and Canadian politicians are on holidays, were announced...
  6. Surveying Internet Rates across Canada

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    Over the last year, virtually every major Canadian Internet Service Provider has announced significant price increases and/or a significant reduction in service . For example, last October Shaw Cable raised the cost of their high speed internet by $2 per month, an amount well above inflation...