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  1. New machine time...Windows10 i7 mach. recommendations?

    Windows Computing
    ...time for a new machine. Have been looking at the Dell XPS 8930 VR series machine which includes, XPS case, i7 9th gen., 16 gig RAM & 512mb SSD with 2 Terabyte HDD for data, with an NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 2060 6GB GDDR6 - Dell is charging $1799 Cdn (as of Nov. 1st, 2019). Are there folks...
  2. Intel NUC for 4K HTPC

    Home Theatre Personal Computer & Media Extenders
    Howdy :grin I am seriously looking at an Intel NUC for my home theatre setup and was wondering which processor (i3/i5/i7) would I need for 4K movie playback? Yes, I know 4K Blu-rays are only being released this December-ish, but I want a future-proof option and yes, I know 4K playback is very...
  3. Acer unveils super thin Aspire S5 Ultrabook

    Industry News
    At CES in Las Vegas today, Acer unveiled the Aspire S5 which the company claims is the world's thinnest Ultrabook which measures just 15 mm at the maximal point. An Ultrabook is a computer in a category of higher-end thin and lightweight ultraportable laptops, defined by a specification from...
  4. Intel says hard drive shortage will cut profits and revenues

    Industry News
    Computer chip maker Intel Corporation said today that its fourth quarter revenues will be significantly lower than previously estimated. The world's largest semiconductor chip maker says microprocessors sales have been adversely affected this quarter because Intel customers are reducing their...
  5. Intel 4004 CPU released 40 years ago today

    Industry News
    On this day 40 years ago, Intel Corporation introduced the world’s first commercially available microprocessor, the Intel 4004. The microprocessor, also known as the Central Processing Unit (CPU), is the brain of all computers and many household and electronic devices. Released in 1971, the...
  6. WiDi devices lets you stream video from your laptop to your HDTV

    Industry News
    D-Link said today that its MainStage wireless display adaptor will be available in Canada next month for $130. The Mainstage is one of many soon to be released devices that employs Intel's Wireless Display technology, known as WiDI. According to Intel, WiDi enables users to wirelessly stream...
  7. Intel announces third generation of solid state drives

    Industry News
    Intel has announced the release of the company's third-generation of solid state drives (SSD) which Intel says are more reliable and more cost effective than the X-25M series of drives they replace. The 320 Series will come in six different capacities including 40, 80, 120, 160, 300 and 600GB...
  8. Intel announces new line of super-fast solid state drives

    Industry News
    Intel announced today a new line of solid-state drives (SSD) which take advantage of Intel’s transition to higher speed SATA 6 Gigabits per second (Gbps) bus interfaces on the recently introduced 2nd Generation Intel Core processor-based platforms. Supporting data transfers of up to 500...
  9. New Apple MacBook Pros features Thunderbolt Technology

    Industry News
    Apple today unveiled its new line of 13-, 15- and 17-inch MacBook Pro notebooks which features Intel's next generation processors, Thunderbolt I/O technology and a new FaceTime HD camera. With two bi-directional channels, Apple claims that Thunderbolt, a technology developed by Intel, can...
  10. Recalled computer systems still on-sale at Futureshop

    Industry News
    Twelve days ago on January 31st, Intel announced it had discovered a problem with its Intel 6 Series Chipsets (codenamed Cougar Point) chipset which is expected to cause issues with about one in twenty computer systems powered by Intel's Second Generation Core i5 and Core i7 quad core (codenamed...
  11. Totally silent recording PC advice anyone

    Home Computing
    I have been very interested in the power efficiency of the new SandyBridge processor line. As I do a fair amount of processor intensive stuff, that has a tendency to heat the heck out of my gear. With Intel reshipping the faulty chip-sets and manufactures gearing up to crank out a slew of boards...
  12. Intel cuts profit margin outlook on chip error

    Home Computing
    The Intel 6 Series chipset is used in computers with Intel's new second-generation core processors, code-named Sandy Bridge -- which started shipping January 9. Why its always good to wait a while!
  13. Intel lowers price off its solid-state drives

    Home Computing
    I figure my price point for an SSD would be about $200 for 500GB.
  14. Intel lowers price off its solid-state drives

    Industry News
    Intel announced today that it is lowering the price of its existing 80GB and 160GB solid-state (SSD) drives and added a new 120GB model to its line-up. Solid state drives are flash memory drives which use significantly less power than traditional computer hard drives while offering greater...
  15. Google and Intel working on Google TV

    Industry News
    The New York Times this week is reporting that Google and Intel have been working companies such as Logitech and Sony for an initiative called Google TV which would develop a new generation of televisions and set-top boxes. The newspaper reports that Google intends to develop an open TV...
  16. Introducing the new 5.4 Million dollar Intel CPU

    Industry News
    If you're in the market for a new personal computer then it’s likely you have considered buying one with a new Intel Core i7 processor. These multi-core processors with hyper threading technology are what power computing users drool over. If you're shopping at Tiger Direct today for the latest...
  17. Overclocking an Intel Core 2

    Home Computing
    Just wanted to continue a discussion that was going off-topic in another thread. Specs - CPU - Intel E8400 Core 2 Duo RAM - Mushkin DDR2 HP2-6400 (5-4-4-12) 2x2GB Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3R CPU cooler - Scythe Mini-Ninja Antect SOLO case Corsair VX 550W Power Supply 2 x 500GB Seagate Drives -...
  18. Intel Cuts Quad-core Chip Prices by 40 Percent

    Home Computing
    On Sunday, Intel cut the prices of its Core 2 Quad chips by up to 40 percent, scattering price drops along its other product lines, as well. Good news for those looking for a new PC in the near future.