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  1. Recording Illico on PC

    so I'm looking into building a new pc which I would like to be able to watch my cable television. Right now in my room I have nothing but a cable wire. I live in Montreal and am a Videotron (Illico) digital cable subscriber. I would like to run the digital cable feed into my computer where (I...
  2. Al Jazeera English now on in Canada

    Industry News
    Al Jazeera English, a 24-hour-a-day, seven-day-a-week English-language international news service, announced today that it has began broadcasting in Canada today on Bell TV, Rogers and Vidéotron. "We are extremely pleased that AJE's groundbreaking news and programming is now available in...
  3. Problem with video loop-through using Pace 551 HD terminal

    Help! I am trying to setup my home theater system using the loop-through function on the Videotron Pace 551 HD terminal. Currently, I have the audio loop-through working A-ok. The audio is setup as such: Digital out from DVD to digital IN on Pace 551, digital OUT from Pace to digital IN on...
  4. Enregistrement de Illico HD sur un ordinateur

    Vidéotron (Forum en français)
    Bonjour, J'ai lu quelques message sur le forums a propos de l'enregistrement des canaux HD de Illico sur un ordinateur et j'ai pu comprendre que cela ne se fait pas. Ceci dit, les conversation date de plus de deux ans. Y a t-il eu des changements depuis? Y a t-il maintenant (bientot 2010) une...
  5. illico Caller ID now available

    Videotron last week announced the introduction of illico Caller ID, a new feature that will enable customers who subscribe to both Videotron’s cable telephone service and its illico Digital TV service to see the names and numbers of callers on their television screen. Any subscriber to...