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  1. Controlling multiple baseboard heaters and thermostats

    Home Automation and Security
    Looking for some guidance here from those who have gone down this road before me... I have a 1980's house that has electric heat via baseboard heaters. They are very effective, but are individually controlled with wall-mounted dumb thermostats. Turn the dial up, more heat. Turn the dial...
  2. HVAC hydronic/air handler combination

    Home Fix-up (Appliances, HVAC & Power Tools)
    Has anyone any experience or feedback on replacing a regular forced-air furnace with an hydronic/air handler combination (air handler with heat exchanger fed from hot water tank). It appears to be the best solution for my townhouse (and its 17 neighbours), given the pending need to otherwise...
  3. Furnace: To replace or not

    Home Fix-up (Appliances, HVAC & Power Tools)
    I have a 17-year old Lennox Elite G26q3 (92% efficiency) furnace that has been trouble-free except for replacing the power vent motor a couple of months ago ($350 repair). The furnace has a lifetime heat exchanger warranty. We are extending our kitchen this fall, which forces me to move our...
  4. LifeBreath wall control issue

    Home Fix-up (Appliances, HVAC & Power Tools)
    Greating all, I have a lifebreath combo installation of Lifebreath HRV and Lifebreath Hepa filter system Max 155. This system work well for more than 5 years, although the HRV motor stop working for no apparent reason last year. I've been pushing the specialist call since then :| I won't get...
  5. ASHP initial current draw

    Home Fix-up (Appliances, HVAC & Power Tools)
    A question for our resident HVAC gurus: I'm sizing up a backup genny for my house and I want to include my air source heat pump in the mix. Does anyone have a feel for what the initial surge current would be for my Carrier Greenspeed setup? Models are: Propane Furnace 58MVC060 Heat Pump...
  6. Combustion Air... Wasteful in this case?

    Home Fix-up (Appliances, HVAC & Power Tools)
    Hi! My house is a gem from the 50's, ya know, with little insulation, questionable windows, and more than questionable heating bills. I've gone on a crusade to rid the house of un-necessary utility use. My efforts relevant to heating have been draft proofing windows with plastic film...
  7. Digital Home opens 12 new discussion forums

    Industry News
    Every month over half a million people visit the Digital Home website looking for objective, independent information about the latest in consumer electronics and advice concerning Canada's Internet, telephone and Wireless service providers such as Bell, Rogers Wireless, Shaw Cable, Telus and...
  8. UVC Whole Home Air Purifier?

    Home Fix-up (Appliances, HVAC & Power Tools)
    Does anyone know anything about those UVC Whole Home Air Purifiers made by Swordfish? Do they work or is just a waste of money?