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  1. Hulu coming to Canada !

    Internet Television: Streaming (Netflix/Apple TV)
  2. Amazon to Quit Selling Apple TV and Chromecast

    Industry News
    In what looks like a bid to make their own streaming media players more competitive, Amazon has announced that they will stop selling similar streaming devices made by Apple and Google on their site. An article in the New York Times stated that according to messages from resellers posted in...
  3. Hulu won't play due to anonymous proxy IP

    Internet Television: Streaming (Netflix/Apple TV)
    I'm using the chrome extension to change my IP to watch Hulu. This morning I couldn't watch Hulu anymore because it says we have to be in the U.S. Is Hulu working for those using unblockus?
  4. Digital Home opens new Internet Television forum

    Industry News
    In its tenth year, Digital Home’s readership continues to expand and membership in our Digital Forum continues to grow. The result is the demand for more discussion areas also continues to grow therefore we are pleased to announce the creation of our new Internet Television forum. The...
  5. USVideo - Netflix US, Hulu, Pandora, ... for Canadians

    Internet Television: Streaming (Netflix/Apple TV)
    No need for VPN - use their DNS servers to direct you to their proxy servers for Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, and Amazon Video On Demand.