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  1. Intel NUC for 4K HTPC

    Home Theatre Personal Computer & Media Extenders
    Howdy :grin I am seriously looking at an Intel NUC for my home theatre setup and was wondering which processor (i3/i5/i7) would I need for 4K movie playback? Yes, I know 4K Blu-rays are only being released this December-ish, but I want a future-proof option and yes, I know 4K playback is very...
  2. Calgary: FS - Silverstone LC17 HTPC case

    Items for Sale
    Bought this a few years ago. It looks perfect in living room alongside home theater equipment. Sturdy and large enough to support a surround sound receiver and other components. I also used it as a media server. It can hold six 3.5" drives internally and two 5.25" drives. The 5.25" drive bays...
  3. HTPC & related devices' power consumption thread

    Home Theatre Personal Computer & Media Extenders
    So I picked up a Hampton Energy Monitor at Canadian Tire and have been on a energy measuring rampage :) I've included some measurements I took, it would be interesting to compare power consumption with other folks! HTPC Desktop Windows 7 PC - Intel Core2 Quad CPU + Asus P5N73-AM mobo +...
  4. HD Satellite TV to HTPC

    Home Theatre Personal Computer & Media Extenders
    I currently have a HTPC running xmbc and i was hoping to be able to buy an hd tv tuner card for my pc to beable to stream live tv. Unfortunately i cannot find any current information on this. I would like to use bell expressvu or shaw but if there are others that you can suggest that will work...
  5. Seeking Recommendations for new Media Center / PVR set-up

    Home Theatre Personal Computer & Media Extenders
    I've done quite well with my ganged OTA antennas (in Waterdown, ON), and using Windows Media Centre (Win7) as my front end PVR and TV Guide, as well as using a separate Media Server for Music and Media Storage (HP Media Smart, and various upgrades until Windows Home Server mangled everything)...
  6. FS: abbotsford - mk802 android 4.0 mini pc

    Items for Sale
    just what the title says. black 1gb version. nearly new and works fine. we just dont use it like we thought. bought a roku and for now frankly it suits me better. $80 -please no lowballers. if you know what it is and want it let me know.
  7. Any Early Windows 8 HTPC Adopters?

    Home Theatre Personal Computer & Media Extenders
    I would be very curious if any windows 8 adopters have set it up as a htpc. If so any problems, and more importantly could anyone check if the metro netflix app, or especially the mce netflix app in windows 8 works in canada, since windows 7 one does not. It would be greatly appreciated.
  8. How my HTPC, OTA and VideRedo have improved my viewing experience

    Home Theatre Personal Computer & Media Extenders
    Read about my recentexperiences with my Windows Media Center HTPC, OTA recording and VideoRedo.
  9. Any experience with Atlona AT-Air3 ?

    Home Theatre Personal Computer & Media Extenders
    Does anyone on this forum have any experience using an Atlona AT-Air3 to connect a PC wirelessly to an HDTV? The setup includes a USB dongle with software that appears as a display to the PC. The display can be set up in either mirror or (better) extended display mode at up to 1920x1080. It...
  10. Toshiba Qosmio Laptop delivers 3D without the glasses

    Home Theatre Personal Computer & Media Extenders
    Toshiba announced today that its Qosmio F750 laptop which lets users view 3D content without the need for 3D glasses is now available in Canada. To achieve the 3D effect, the Toshiba laptop combines a built-in web camera to track the position of the viewer’s eyes and a 15.6-inch lenticular 3D...
  11. What Software are you running on your Windows HTPC?

    Home Theatre Personal Computer & Media Extenders
    I'm curious to find out what software members are using on their HTPC. I'm in the process of building my HTPC and am nearing the installation of software phase. (My htpc will also act as my repository for my Music Collection) Considering the following Arcsoft's Total Media Theatre Arcsoft...
  12. Denon AVR-790 surround mode issues

    A/V Receivers and Amplifiers
    I just bought a Denon AVR-790 on sale. I have a HTPC hooked up to the receiver through HDMI from a Radeon HD 4650 graphics card. I get video all the time but there are some issues with the audio. The default surround choice by the receiver is "Multichannel In". When it is on this setting you...
  13. HTPC & Eastlink

    Home Theatre Personal Computer & Media Extenders
    I have eastlink cable with a rented HD-PVR box, and I am looking to set up an HTPC so that I can use the HTPC as a PVR & use my xbox 360 as a media extender (I hope to use the windows 7 media centre software) I just am not sure how to set this up with my eastlink service. I can't just use the...
  14. My HTPC and shaw in BC

    Home Theatre Personal Computer & Media Extenders
    Hi, I've read a lot on the forum and there is a LOT of information. But i dont know if it's because i dont know how to make a good and precise shearch but i dont find what i'm looking for. So, Is it possible to watch Shaw (scambled) channel with a tuner card, and if yes can i have a couple...
  15. 37-42" LCD TV purely for htpc

    Home Theatre Personal Computer & Media Extenders
    Hello all, I'm new to here but I need some help. I want to hook up my desktop to an LCD TV in the 37-42 inch range. The problem is that when I use a DVI-HDMI cable, the image never comes out looking right however if I use VGA, I can get the image to look fairly good. On HDMI, it always either...
  16. My HTPC, a STB and some festive issues

    Home Theatre Personal Computer & Media Extenders
    Festive greetings people, I'm currently rejoicing in the stable functionality that my newly constructed VMS-based HTPC provides. Truly, I think, a Christmas miracle. There are, however, two issues slightly myrrhing my oh-so festive experience - 1. Audio popping/clipping? - occurs when...
  17. Recording HD Shows using HTPC

    Home Theatre Personal Computer & Media Extenders
    When I record CSI Las Vegas and Survivor on the HD channel, the HD version doesn't show up after it is done recording. (The analog version is there, but the HD version isn't there.) Has anyone else had this problem? I'm with Roger's. All my other HD shows tape fine, but they are all American...
  18. Antec introduces Fusion Max premium HTPC Case

    Home Theatre Personal Computer & Media Extenders
    this looks pretty sweet for those interested in building your own this fall. The Fusion Remote Max will retail for U.S. $249.95.
  19. Best place to shop for HTPC barebones kit?

    Where Can I buy and general buying discussions
    Evenin' all, I was wondering if anyone had any hot tips about where to buy a barebones HTPC system? MSI make a few options, which I can see on newegg in the US, but finding a Canadian distributor seems a bit tricky. The usual suspects of ncix, tigerdirect etc don't seem to stock them. It...
  20. Aliant IPTV and DIY HTPC or PVR

    Newcomers Forum
    Hi all - apologies for the slightly acronym heavy title. I live in Dartmoth, NS, have Aliant TV (IPTV service), and I'm investigating building an HTPC. Having read a bit about MythTV/Ubuntu/MCE etc, it all seems wonderful and awesome, but I'm still a little fuzzy on the detail of the STB to...