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  1. Cogeco launches 30 Mbps Internet service offering

    Internet, Landline and Wireless Phone
    Cogeco Cable, Canada’s fourth largest cable company, has announced the launch of a new High Speed Internet (HSI) package, Ultimate 30, in the Burlington, Oakville, Milton and Halton areas of Ontario
  2. Primus Service Problems (July 1 to 10)?

    Internet, Landline and Wireless Phone
    I have been encountering lots of problems with my Primus service this past week and a half. I'm suffering from service outages, slow performance etc. It could be coincidence but I noticed the problems start around the time Primus implemented its DNS redirection nonsense. Anyone else having...
  3. Cogeco adds 3Mbps internet service

    Internet, Landline and Wireless Phone
    Dubbed HSI Intermediaire in Quebec and HSI Lite Plus in Ontario, the service will provide customers with download speeds of up to 3 Mpbs and a monthly bandwidth cap of 20 GB. The new service will be priced at $34.95 per month in Quebec and $39.95 in Ontario along with a $29.99 installation fee...
  4. Google helps keep your ISP honest

    Internet, Landline and Wireless Phone
    Thanks to researchers and the good folks at Google, you can now use a series of experimental online measurement tools, from the company's new Measurement lab (M-lab), which should allow average users to determine if the problem lay with their ISP. This is great news. Hopefully longer term this...
  5. Videotron expands 50 Mbps Internet service offering

    Videotron today announced the availability of two new high speed internet services to 377,000 homes Montreal's shore. Ultimate Speed Internet 30 and Ultimate Speed Internet 50 will deliver download speeds of 30 mbps and 50 mbps respectively.
  6. Bell Internet FAQs and Internet access How-to's

    Bell Canada Home Phone and Internet
    1. How can I check my Internet usage (bandwidth)? A. To check your usage, visit You’ll need to log in with your username and password. If you don't have a username or password, you can register for a profile. 2. Where can I find out more about...
  7. Sympatico arrogance

    Internet, Landline and Wireless Phone
    Having been a sympatico HS customer for years, I was shocked at there arrogance. In the past and for a number of years I have been successful in negotiating a better then advertised price. Using dsl reseller's prices as a comparison, Bell sympatico would always closely match there price. I...
  8. Aliant now offering Internet package with Apple Imac

    Internet, Landline and Wireless Phone
    Aliant announced today that it is expanding its relationship with Apple to add the iMac to the Aliant Computer Purchase Program line-up. Aliant is the first company to launch an Apple desktop computer and Internet package in North America. The iMac comes complete with an Intel Core 2 Duo...
  9. Future Rogers HSI innovations you can expect?

    Rogers High Speed Internet and Home Phone
    Rogers is using the Perftech suite of applications to monitor its customers web activity and I was wondering what Rogers customers could expect next? Currently Rogers is using Subscriber Care Messaging to inject messages to its subscribers. The company is now using the the Address Bar...
  10. Rogers Hijacking failed DNS lookups

    Rogers High Speed Internet and Home Phone
    Rogers made an interesting change today. They killed the internet for all non public DNS settings. Thanks Rogers. They did this to spam us with advertising when we type in a wrong IP address. I called the help desk and they said well just use a public DNS server (I pay rogers to provide...
  11. Study: Cox, Comcast Internet subscribers blocked

    Internet, Landline and Wireless Phone
    Comcast Corp.'s interference with Internet traffic has prompted a federal investigation and is at the center of calls for "Net Neutrality" laws, but another U.S. cable company appears to be doing the same thing without drawing scrutiny. More news from south of the border
  12. New Rogers HSI Pricing - Effective March 18th

    Rogers High Speed Internet and Home Phone
    There appears to be some confusion about Rogers HSI pricing. The following is effective March 18th, 2008. I confirmed with a billing rep. The following is selected information from the Rogers site. Monthly Usage Cap Ultra Lite – 2 GB Lite – 25 GB Express – 60 GB Extreme / Extreme Plus – 95...
  13. Rogers now offers outdoor modem for portable internet

    Rogers High Speed Internet and Home Phone
    Rogers portable internet is now available with an external modem. With this modem you can not recieve the portable internet if you could not recieve it before but you were not to far out of the service area. They have a new...