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  1. Industry News
    Shock Jock Howard Stern and subscription satellite radio provider Sirius XM Radio ended months of speculation this week by announcing a new five-year agreement. Howard's new contract will run through December 31, 2015. Under the terms of the new deal, Sirius XM will now have the right to...
  2. Industry News
    The satellite radio round up is a collection of announcements recently released by Sirius XM, Sirius or XM Canada that we think are of interest to Satellite radio subscribers. Recent satellite radio announcements include Sirius XM's 'The History of Howard Stern: Act III' series, a completed...
  3. Industry News
    Sirius Canada today announced that its Apple iPhone or iPod touch application for satellite radio subscribers in Canada is now available at the iTunes Canada App store. Released in the U.S. in June, the application proved very popular and was the number one free application on the iTunes U.S...
  4. SiriusXM Satellite Radio
    Sirius XM Radio is now broadcasting The History of Howard Stern Act II, a behind-the-scenes look at the life of Howard Stern. The History of Howard Stern Act II picks up after Howard's firing at WNBC in 1985 and takes an in depth look at the beginning of Howard's run at K-Rock. It premieres...
  5. SiriusXM Satellite Radio
    From a press release issued today. (the subject title is from the press release and not me!) Might be interesting.
1-5 of 5 Results