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  1. Bell Canada Home Phone and Internet
    Reviewing an advertisement for the wireless internet Bell started offering in Rural ONTARIO last spring. Does anyone know of have any experience with it, 3.5Ghz with a fixed antenna mounted outside. Does anyone have any access to coverage maps for this . when I call Bell they pass me to 3...
  2. Industry News
    Combat the dry air and health problems by returning moisture to the air in your home. Winter in Canada can be an unpredictable time. Snow, wind, ice and slush will all come (probably) at some point, and how much we’ll get remains to be seen. Sometimes it can feel like the only constant is dry...
  3. Home Automation and Security
    Although Apple introduced plans for its HomeKit home automation system at last year’s WWDC it was only revealed recently that products are finally ready to hit the market and we can probably expect an official roll-out to occur at next week’s WWDC 2015. But, even before the official roll-out...
  4. SiriusXM Satellite Radio
    Hi, I have an XM tuner built-in to my car and a subscription. I wanted to try listening to XM at home with my receiver (Pioneer VSX-918V). Is this all I need to get going: http://****************Audiovox-XHD2H1-Tuner-21-Inch-Cable/dp/B003H3HFQE/ Also can I use my current car subscription or will...
1-4 of 4 Results