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  1. Industry News
    The is reporting that over 500,000 Canadians cut their landline service last year from the 5 major telecommunications providers: Bell, Rogers Communications Inc., Shaw Communications Inc., Telus Corp. and Manitoba Telecom Services Inc. The number, they say, is equivalent to...
  2. Industry News
    Earlier this year, Yak Communications was named "Best Home Phone Provider of 2015". The honour came from, an online platform that lists over 400 Voice over IP service providers and provides reviews from thousands of past and current users of VoIP services. The website serves as a...
  3. VoIP Providers
    Anyone have any experience with Xlink BTTN or now Seimens gigabit one as a cell phone receiver into home phone network PLUS voip into the adapter & no landline:confused: Why is this not more popular-- Voip for long distance calls saving cell phone minutes I am with & works fine with...
  4. Industry News
    Bell Aliant said today it will spend $22 million in order to bring a fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) network to approximately 60,000 homes and businesses in St. John's Newfoundland. FTTH connectivity is notable because it allows telecommunications providers to offer numerous services such as high...
  5. Industry News
    Rogers Communications and the CRTC have has reached a settlement over Rogers use of automated calling devices to sell more airtime to prepaid mobile phone customers. “This latest investigation reinforces our commitment to protecting the privacy of consumers and educating businesses about their...
  6. VoIP Providers
    Hopefully I'm posting to the right forum, apologies if I'm not. First, let me say that everything will be done by a professional. I just want it all figured out before I start looking for a technician to do the work. Current Setup: POTS comes into the house, just before reaching the telephone...
  7. VoIP Providers
    Anyone heard of them? I saw an ad online and checked out their web page. The prices look good, lots of features & international / toll free numbers etc. but I'm curious about the quality. Any advice? Thanks! Steve
  8. Internet, Landline and Wireless Phone
    I got a flyer today from a company called says $34.95 for a fully loaded home phone....can anybody comment?
1-8 of 8 Results