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  1. Home Theatre Corner
    Hi Recently bought the Amphony 1800 wireless kit. It consists of a single transmitter with 2 receivers over 2.4 ghz. Transmitter input can be either from receiver speaker outputs or line level RCA. I'm using the RCA inputs. Output level is set at 50% as are the receiver volumes. They were then...
  2. Newcomers Forum
    Hi! this is my first post on here so please forgive me if this question has been asked somewhere else. We are moving into a new home that have 3 - 2 speaker ceiling zones (one in the kitchen/one in the bonus room/one in the master bed) I am really new to this but from what I gathered looking...
  3. A/V Receivers and Amplifiers
    I was wondering if I could get help from someone or at least direction about where to find the info I need. I just bought a house that has 6 in-ceiling speakers (2 in Living room, 2 in kitchen, one in master bath, one in master bedroom). I know nothing about them - don't even know if they are...
  4. Where Can I buy and general buying discussions
    I am looking to purchase HD Radio table/portable in Toronto? any idea where to look to purchase a radio?
  5. Home Theatre Corner
    Hello all, Wondering if anyone has opinions/thoughts regarding Centrios speakers for use in a home audio setup. I'm moving into a house that's been wired for sound in a few locations (bedroom, bathroom, living room, kitchen). Each room has a resistance-based volume control, and the cables run...
1-5 of 6 Results