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  1. Will Heroes be toast at the end of this year?

    What's On Television?
    ABC’s “Dancing With The Stars” was the number one-ranked primetime telecast on broadcast TV for Monday, November 24, 2008 with approximately 21.1 million average viewers. CBS’s “Two And A Half Men” and “CSI: Miami” rounded out the top three with approximately 15.0 and 14.3 million average...
  2. In HD: Heroes Season 3 "Villians" Discussion

    What's On Television?
    Season three of Heroes will open with a two-hour episode, set to air Monday, September 22, 2008 on the NBC network The premiere of the third volume, "Villains", will be preceded by a one-hour clip show of the past two seasons. "Villains" was originally designed to be included within the second...