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  1. 6 Things to Know About Enbridge’s Free Winterproofing Program

    Industry News
    Are you a homeowner dreading winter and those large heating bills? You may qualify for free winterproofing from Enbridge. Winter is around the corner and so are those rising bills. No one wants to see them. It's true that it isn’t possible to get free heating through the season unless you have...
  2. Combustion Air... Wasteful in this case?

    Home Fix-up (Appliances, HVAC & Power Tools)
    Hi! My house is a gem from the 50's, ya know, with little insulation, questionable windows, and more than questionable heating bills. I've gone on a crusade to rid the house of un-necessary utility use. My efforts relevant to heating have been draft proofing windows with plastic film...
  3. Recommendation for electric heater type?

    Home Fix-up (Appliances, HVAC & Power Tools)
    I am in the process of evaluating whether to keep the baseboard heater I have, or whether to replace it with another electric radiator solution: I live in an apartment which has 'French Windows' (sliding door windows), which gives onto a balcony. There are two baseboard heaters, on either side...
  4. Furnace fan control

    Home Fix-up (Appliances, HVAC & Power Tools)
    Hello, I've recently bought a new house (built in '88) and am looking to change the way furnace fan is controled. However, I'm not an expert on HVAC systems so I'd like to run it by the forum. Currently, I have a mid-efficiency furnace (Lennox G20) with a single stage fan; there are two wires...
  5. Heated Floor in the Kitchen

    Home Fix-up (Appliances, HVAC & Power Tools)
    Several months ago, my wife and I got our kitchen renovated. One of the things I wanted (in addition, to the great ceiling speakers I bought) was a heated floor around our kitchen table. Our kitchen has doors to the backyard by the table and in the winter that part of the house was always...