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hdmi issue

  1. Yamaha HTR 6295 - Only video over HDMI and want to use a different audio source

    A/V Receivers and Amplifiers
    Hello, I just bought a Yamaha HTR 6295 receiver and I have a computer that I wanted to connect to it. Because the video and audio cards are separate, the video is over HDMI and the audio is coming over a digital coaxial. I haven't found a way to use one of the HDMI inputs with a different...
  2. Peculiar HDMI audio issue

    A/V Receivers and Amplifiers
    Here's a rather strange problem I've run into with my setup. Connection is as follows: Toshiba HD-A2 -> Pioneer VSX-918 -> Panasonic DLP TV (I've omitted listing other devices in my setup as they are unused and not relevant to this particular problem). All HDMI connections from DVD player to...
  3. HD channels sides cut off to a 4:3 square (fixed with TV reset)

    Shaw Cable
    OK next problem. Suddenly my HD picture on the 6416 is displaying with black bars left and right and a 4:3 square picture, full image top to bottom, not letterbox. Its the same with recorded programs or live TV on all those HD channels. I know it sees the full widescreen on HD channels because...
  4. Bell TV 9241 HD PVR discussion thread

    Bell Satellite TV PVR, HD PVR and HD Receivers
    This discussion thread is for owners to discuss the new ExpressVu 9241 HD Receiver when it becomes available. Any posts discussing when it will be available or from NON-owners will be deleted and the poster will receive an infraction. Once again, this thread is for OWNERS only. For...