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hdmi 1.4

  1. Le Son mais pas d'image sur ma TV ( par un onkyo..)

    Vidéotron (Forum en français)
    Je viens d'acheter un Recepteur Onkyo HT-5300 je connecte mon videotron HD au recepteur par HDMI. Mon televiseur LG est connecté au recepteur par HDMI aussi. Il y as aussi un Blueray LG connecté en HDMI. Lorsque je suis sur Videotron hd, j'ai le son, mais aucune source ne se rend à la TV :( Il...
  2. HDMI Selective Switch/Repeater

    A/V Receivers and Amplifiers
    Hello, I'm working on setting up an adult-friendly entertainment basement in my house. I've not got much A/V experience so i'm turning over to this forum for some insight since the local Visions/A&B, etc. are really no help. Here is a brief description of what i've got and what I am trying to...
  3. 3D TV - Something for Shaw to consider in a new unit

    Shaw Direct Satellite
    I was thrilled to get my Samsung UN46C7000 46" 3D LED TV and the BD-C6900 3D Bluray player. I set it up connected to my Pioneer AVR (VSX-9140THX, 5 months old and still the latest model from Pioneer.) 2D anything, no problem, 3D anything, no way. The problem is that 3D requires HDMI 1.4. Why...
  4. New Onkyo A/V Receivers support HDMI 1.4

    Industry News
    Onkyo has announced March deliveries of its first 3D-Ready home theater receivers and home theater in a box (HTiB) systems which support the new HDMI v1.4 connectivity standard for new 3D video displays. In addition to being 3D Ready, the new devices feature the ability to decode lossless Dolby...