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  1. Industry News
    Last week, VTech, the digital toy maker revealed a biggie. The company said that data on about 6.4 million children worldwide was exposed as hackers accessed personal info in more than a dozen countries via their products. Countries affected by this hack include Canada, France, the United...
  2. Industry News
    "Password" and "123456" top software firm SplashData's list of the 25 most commonly used passwords used on the Internet this year. Other common passwords include simple numerical choices like "123456," common names like "ashley" and "michael," and patterns based on the layout of the keyboard...
  3. On the Web
    Access to hundreds of thousands of Facebook accounts may have accidentally been leaked because of a flaw in some applications. Security firm Symantec discovered that programs were inadvertently sharing access tokens which could be used by advertisers. It estimates that, as of last month...
  4. Windows Computing
    But even some sophisticated surfers could get taken in by a sneaky new attack in which criminals create fake YouTube pages — dead-on replicas of the real site — to push their malicious software and make it look like it's safe stuff coming from a trusted source. Warning!
1-4 of 4 Results