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  1. Optimized DBGH models for UHF - Sept. 2014

    Antenna Research & Development
    I completed the optimization of 16 models of UHF only DBGH and I will be posting them one by one in this thread. They models are DBGH0, DBGH1, ..., DBGH9, DBGH10, and DBGH12, DBGH14,...,DBGH20. the is the...
  2. GH6 questions

    Antenna Research & Development
    I've been reading this forum a lot in the past few weeks and I decided to build a double Gray-Hoverman antenna I will be using the plan for each one from Question 1 There are 2 units on the plans that I don't know what ther refer to : D &...
  3. Introduction to the Gray-Hoverman TV Antenna

    Antenna Research & Development
    The Gray-Hoverman Single and Double Bay UHF AntennasThis is the original Gray-Hoverman antenna, as refined from the original Hoverman designs by member Autofils. Generally most people will want to build one of these models. They provide exceptional performance across the entire post-transitional...
  4. BC - Burnaby, New West, Coquitlam, PoCo, Port Moody

    OTA Reception Results
    Thank you all for great info in OTA thread, better and quicker than books. I just bought a new sharp lcd with ATSC tuner, and tried to use RCA cant501 indoor amplified antenna to get Digital signal (ctv). It came up with nothing but one analog ch-10 with vague picture. I know indoor antenna is...