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  1. Industry News
    Sony Internet Player with Google TV, originally introduced in January at CES 2012, has launched in Canada. The NSZ-GS7, as it's otherwise known, will be available at retailers nationwide in August 2012, priced at $199.99. Sony is accepting online pre-orders starting on Wednesday, June 27, 2012...
  2. Industry News
    The New York Times this week is reporting that Google and Intel have been working companies such as Logitech and Sony for an initiative called Google TV which would develop a new generation of televisions and set-top boxes. The newspaper reports that Google intends to develop an open TV...
  3. Home Theatre Personal Computer & Media Extenders
    Google and Intel have teamed with Sony to develop a platform called Google TV to bring the Web into the living room through a new generation of televisions and set-top boxes. Google intends to open its TV platform, which is based on its Android operating system for smartphones, to software...
1-3 of 4 Results