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  1. Shaw Gateway
    I try to program the remote for my Samsung and I hold the MENU + OK for 10 seconds +, but never get the 2 light blinks from the power button. When I let go, it gives me 5 blinks. Dear Internet, Please help. Do not tell me to get a Logitech, because my setup is just the TV and portal.
  2. Shaw Gateway
    I'm copy / pasting this from a thread I started on Shaw's community forum to see if I can get more input. The thread is located here:
  3. Shaw Gateway
    I would like to hot swap my shaw portal from TV to TV, and having a power cable at each location would make this a lot easier in my setup. Does anyone know the cable type or best place to purchase? monoprice?
  4. Shaw Gateway
    So, the confirmed word is this next code will begin distribution early next week. Beginning with a Modem update on the 13th, the main code push will start on the 14th and will take up to 4 more days to work through to all boxes. Updates should happen between 2 and 6am local time. The modem...
  5. Home Theatre Corner
    Hi All, Haven't been able to get a clear understanding on using an IR Repeater with a (Gateway) Portal, hopefully someone can chime in with their experience. My Portal has an awkward placement which makes it a royal pain to change channels when sitting on one side of the room. I was hoping...
  6. Shaw Gateway
    I'm sure others have experienced this type of problem before, but I feel compelled to post my huge inconvenience that I just had with the Gateway. I had the Canucks vs. Maple Leafs game scheduled to record from 4:00pm to 7:00 pm PST as I couldn't be home in time to watch it. When I got home...
  7. Shaw Gateway
    This may have been discussed somewhere however my searches have come up empty with useful information about it. Can the Shaw Gateway system be connected together using Cat5 only? IE: each of the portal boxes plugging back to the main PVR unit using an individual cat5 per portal. None of this...
  8. Television Industry / Channels and Providers
    It has been suggested a new thread be started to compare these two competing offerings so here it is. I can't speak to the Telus Optik service but if there are one or more members who can and are willing to post here, I am willing to offer up what I know about Shaw's Gateway as I own one with a...
  9. Shaw Gateway
    Announced today by Shaw Discuss the Gateway here
  10. Shaw Gateway
    Gateway/Portal(s) have been updated to the new code version iS2, so please use the following NEW MAIN THREAD: Before you post there, please see this list of issues … … to avoid...
1-10 of 13 Results