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  1. Newbie in the FTA world

    New Member Forum - Introductions
    Hi, i want to buy soon a Dish and a FTA receiver... to be able to watch the maximum channel.. I live in Quebec so i want to know what is the best choice for a dish and receiver.. i want a dish type 90 cm with a motor that can change the orientation of the dish without having to go on the roof...
  2. AZBOX Canada: Is this company reputable?

    Television Industry / Channels and Providers
    It seems that AZBox FTA receivers are becoming popular around here so I thought I would do some investigation into the company and product to find out more. My research turned up stuff which I think many potential buyers should consider before buying this product. First the website. I went to...
  3. Best Satlink Meter out there

    Free to Air Satellite Television
    I am looking for the best Satlink meter that will help me install my C-Band and Ku-Band dish. Right now, I have to lug up so much equipment to be able to tune it that it is for one, not safe and 2, big pain in the butt when I barely see my tiny B/W TV screen. I am looking for a meter that...
  4. Official 2011 F1 Discussions Thread.

    What's On In Sports?
    This will be the official 2011 F1 discussion thread. Here's a summary of what's typically airing for F1 during the typical race week: Speed for Friday Practice TSN for Saturday Qualifying Speed for F1 Debrief of the previous race, usually sometime Saturday or Sunday of race weekend. TSN...
  5. New Member Free-to-Air Satellite Discussion Thread

    Free to Air Satellite Television
    I have a question and am a complete newbie to satellites. I've been on the Lyngsat site, but have a question. It says "Channels from <location>". Does it mean I can only get channels from North America? I live in the GTA and Canada's pickings are very slim, and the U.S. doesn't have that...