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  1. Epson announces fall line-up of Home Theatre Projectors

    Industry News
    Epson America this week announced its new line of 2D and 3D home theater projectors which include the 3LCD PowerLite Pro Cinema 6010, Home Cinema 5010/5010e and 3010/3010e. Prices range from $1,600 for the entry level 3010 to $4,000 USD for the top of the line Cinema 6010. The 6010, 5010...
  2. Sanyo PLV-Z3000 120HZ 1080p Front Projector

    HDTV: Front/Rear Projection Screens & Televisions
    This week, Sanyo, one of the world's largest manufacturers of front projectors, introduced its new flagship home theatre 1080p 120HZ LCD projector which is expected in store in December. The PLV-Z3000 Front Projector, which replaces the popular PLV-Z2000, offers a new optical engine, 1,2000...
  3. JVC DLA-HD750 and DLA-HD350 THX Certified Home Theater Projectors

    HDTV: Front/Rear Projection Screens & Televisions
    At CEDIA, JVC added to its line of D-ILA home theater projectors with the launch of four new full high-definition models, including two THX Certified models. JVC claims the two THX certified models, the DLA-HD750 (sold to consumers) and the DLA-HD350 (sold by custom installers), offer a...
  4. Top 10 Myths on Front Projection Systems

    HDTV: Front/Rear Projection Screens & Televisions
    The following are the Capitol Sales Company, top ten myths on FP systems. Some tips are to help the dealer but I thought they would be useful for anyone designing Front-Projector Home Theater System . Feel free to comment
  5. Mitusubishi HD8000 Ultra Bright 1080p Home Theatre Projector

    HDTV: Front/Rear Projection Screens & Televisions
    At CEDIA today, Mitsubishi introduced the HD8000, its first ultra-bright 1080p HD (5000 Lumens) projector designed for more exposed, brighter home theater environments. The HD8000 projector uses three 1.1 inch 3LCD inorganic panels and is ideal in larger home theaters that require full...
  6. 106" or 120" Screen

    HDTV: Front/Rear Projection Screens & Televisions
    I'm going with a Panasonic AX-200U Projector that will be exactly 16'7" from the lens to the screen (give or take an inch). The viewing distance while sitting on my couch will be about 11 feet, but I can move the couch forward or backward around 2-3 feet. If I go with a 120" screen will it be...
  7. Review: Carada 100" Precision Series Screen - Thumbs Up!

    HDTV: Front/Rear Projection Screens & Televisions
    I have now spent two weeks with my new Carada 100" 1.78 to 1 Criterion Series screen with brilliant white (1.4 gain) and in that time spent about 40 hours watching HDTV, Blu-ray and DVD material. Before buying, I did a lot of research (in person and on the web) and spoke to the people at...