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  1. Telus Expands Free WiFi Across BC, Alberta

    Industry News
    Telus has announced that it will be rolling out free public WiFi at more than 8,000 hotspots across BC and Alberta. The WiFi will be open to everyone, not just Telus customers, though Telus smartphones will automatically establish a connection with the #TELUSdirect network when they are in...
  2. Free Download for Hallowe'en: Plants VS Zombies for PC/ MAC

    Home Computing
    Starting October 30, 2012 until Nov 10, 2012, if you use the coupon code PEAH8R, you can score yourself a free download for PC or MAC at The intent is for you to go to the website, print off some coupons and hand them out as Halloween treats. I noticed the...
  3. Telemarketer Offered Free Cell (Gave out SIN)

    Telus Mobility, Public Mobile, and Koodo Wireless
    Hi, I have been a Telus pre-paid cellphone user for two years now. I have been getting a call from a 1 800 number claiming I can get a free cellphone if I sign up for a post paid account. The first time, I told him I didn't trust to give my sin #, but then he called again. This time, I gave the...
  4. DVR/PVR Selection Help!

    Over-The-Air (OTA) Digital Television
    Hi Everyone, I'm relativley new to the whole OTA thing... I've been operating with it for the last couple of months and so far it's been good to me, but I'm not home during the times that most of the "good stuff" is on (at least the stuff I enjoy) and was wondering what a good PVR/DVR would be...
  5. Shaw basic... +t1 +t2 +t3 +music for free?

    Shaw Cable
    Recently noticed the changes to the channel line-up last couple weeks. I subscribe to the most basic, 2-13 & YTV & Much basically. At first I thought they just changed the numbers around, then I finally broke and forced an auto-scan on my Sony Bravia. 'super wicked dude..' now I have all basic...
  6. Eastlink offering RDS Free in Feb 2010 for the Olympics

    Eastlink cable is offering RDS on channel 369 FREE for the entire Olympics. From Feb. 12 to Feb.28
  7. IOVector: free traffic congestion iPhone app for Golden Horseshoe

    Industry News
    Intellione today announced the release of a free iPhone application called ioVector, which features traffic congestion maps, trip times and local search to iPhone users in the Golden Horseshoe. Using the company's ioTraffic system, the app updates its traffic congestion maps twice each minute...
  8. Canada's top 10 free iPhone Apps

    Industry News
    Earlier this month, Apple announced that its app store now offers more than 100,000 software programs for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Digital Home has compiled a list of ten free uniquely Canadian applications that we think most Canadians will be interested in installing on their iPhone or iPod...
  9. - free multiplayer online gaming

    Video Game Consoles and PC Gaming
    If you haven't already done so check out Quake Live. Free online 1st person shooter game After downloading and installing the game runs from your browser (windowed or full screen) Online tracking keeps your stats, frags, ranking, etc. I've tried a few free opensource multiplayer games but the...
  10. Any Canadian Free Music Streaming Sites (legal)

    AM/ FM, Internet Radio and Music Industry
    It's a bit tough being Canadian. Americans have Pandora and Rhapsody. Europeans now have Spotify. I'm trying to find a site where you can legally listen to recorded music of your choice. Anyone know of any such sites that allow Canadian IPs?
  11. Comodo introduces free internet security suite

    Windows Computing
    Comodo Security Solutions, Inc., makers of the excellent and free Commodo Firewall released two new security products this week for Windows users, Comodo Internet Security and Comodo Internet Security Pro.
  12. Leaving BTV or got a Rant then post it here!

    Bell Satellite TV
    I closed this thread because it frankly became a flame war with people being banned. It seems I asked people to post both good and bad in one thread which I've learned is not the thing to do. Therefore we now have a ExpressVu is Good thread and a I got an ExpressVu rant thread. So if've got a...
  13. New Member Free-to-Air Satellite Discussion Thread

    Free to Air Satellite Television
    I have a question and am a complete newbie to satellites. I've been on the Lyngsat site, but have a question. It says "Channels from <location>". Does it mean I can only get channels from North America? I live in the GTA and Canada's pickings are very slim, and the U.S. doesn't have that...