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  1. Phishing

    Home Computing
    I received a phishing Email a few days ago that was so good it almost fooled me. It was made to look like it was from Paypal and said I had authorized a large payment. Every link in the Email was to the actual Paypal site, for things like unsubscribe, except for one to click if the authorization...
  2. iTunes Gift Card Payments: Yes, It’s Another Phone Scam

    Industry News
    Is someone on the phone telling you about an emergency and they need you to buy a gift card? It's bogus. So, this is the latest scam. It sounds more like something that scheming teenager next door might do than the efforts of large organized crime, but who knows. Shady types come in all shapes...
  3. TD warns Easyweb customers of a Phishing Attack

    Industry News
    On its EasyWeb website, the TD Bank is now warning customers that the financial institution is currently experiencing a Phishing attack. The bank is telling customers that, if they receive emails or website links claiming to be from TD asking for their personal information, they should not...
  4. Bell admits its internet usage meter is faulty

    Industry News
    Bell Canada admitted yesterday that its Personal Internet Tracker, the meter which tracks its retail customers internet usage and determines who much extra they must pay for exceeding their bandwidth cap, is faulty. The admission by Bell that it was overstating Internet usage for a portion of...
  5. Make your PayPal account more secure

    On the Web
    If you are a regular PayPal user but are concerned about the integrity of your account, then you may want to consider an extra layer of protection by using something called the PayPal security key. I use one of these keys and highly recommend them. For $5, it ensures that someone with your...