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  1. Portable Electronics: Cameras/eBooks/iPods/GPS
    Yesterday, DXG visited Digital Home`s office where we had the opportunity to sit down and review their entire line-up of products. Although I was unable to try out the camera`s and camcorders, I was able to inspect and hold them while discussing the specifications. The build quality on all of...
  2. Portable Electronics: Cameras/eBooks/iPods/GPS
    Cisco Systems Inc. is exiting parts of its consumer businesses, with plans to shut its Flip video camera business. Cisco, which is facing stronger competition from rivals in its core business, said it will realign its remaining consumer business to support four of its five key priorities—core...
  3. Portable Electronics: Cameras/eBooks/iPods/GPS
    Cisco has announced the second generation of its popular Flip MinoHD camcorder is now scheduled to arrrive in Canada during the middle of July. The updated camcorder has a slightly more rounded design than its predecessor, responsive touch-sensitive buttons, and a durable brushed metal finish...
1-3 of 3 Results