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  1. Replacing firmware on Actiontec V1000H

    Internet, Landline and Wireless Phone
    I have an Actiontec V1000H modem/router which has Telus firmware 31.121L.17. I own this router and am no longer with Telus so I want to replace the firmware with the one provided by the manufacturer: Actiontec. I have tried various things but the current Telus firmware does not offer me a way...
  2. Modify a 9200 to work like a media player?

    Bell Satellite TV PVR, HD PVR and HD Receivers
    Is it possible to modify the software in a 9200 to work like a media player like the WD TV Live? From what I've read, it runs Linux, so why wouldn't it be possible? I'm surprised people haven't started hacking them for things other than watching subscription television.
  3. Motorola Xoom WiFi Android 3.2 update now available

    Smartphone/Tablet (Android, Blackberry & iOS)
    See here for more details To check for a software update Connect the XOOM to a Wi-Fi access point Open Apps and tap Settings Tap About tablet Tap System updates Follow the instructions on the screen to download and install the update
  4. Microsoft calls Xbox 360 update the "Future of TV"

    Industry News
    Microsoft this week will roll out a firmware update for the Xbox 360 Video game console which the company is calling the "Future of TV." According to the software giant, the updated firmware will usher in a "new era in entertainment" giving Xbox owners "A single box that ties together all the...
  5. New Playstation 3 firmware supports PS Vita

    Industry News
    Sony this week is releasing new firmware (Version 4.0) for its Playstation 3 video game console which will enable the device to act as a content management server the Playstation Vita. The PlayStation Vita, also known as "PSVita" or "PSV," is the upcoming handheld game console from Sony which...
  6. Sonos firmware update adds support for Kindle Fire

    Industry News
    Sonos, makers of wireless music systems for the home, announced today the release of Sonos System Software 3.6 along with a new Sonos Android Controller app which supports Android tablets and the Kindle Fire. In addition to taking advantage of the tablet’s larger screen size, new features of...
  7. Interview: Shaw Direct says recent firmware update a success

    Industry News
    At the beginning of September, Shaw Direct introduced new firmware - version 06.22 - for the company's newest satellite receivers. Since that time, Digital Home has received a significant number of complaints from HDDSR 600, HDDSR 605, and HDPVR 630 owners who say the new firmware has...
  8. Firmware updates for Shaw Whole Home PVR coming this week

    Industry News
    Shaw Cable announced today that the first firmware update for its Whole Home PVR system was deployed this morning in Vancouver and will be rolled out nationally on Thursday. Released this past summer, the Shaw Gateway is a digital set top box which connects to the coaxial cable coming into the...
  9. Problems with new Shaw Direct firmware leaves some customers fuming

    Industry News
    Over the last week Shaw Direct, Canada's second largest direct to home (DTH) satellite television distributor, has been quietly and slowly rolling out new firmware - version 06.22 - for the company's HDDSR 605 and HDPVR 630 direct-to-home satellite receivers. The update began with a select...
  10. Updated EastLink PVR firmware lets users add additional storage

    Industry News
    Years after it was made available to consumers on many cable and satellite systems across Canada, Eastlink Cable has updated its PVR firmware so customers with eSATA capable PVRs can add an external hard drive for additional program storage. The company, which relies on Motorola cable set top...
  11. REVERTING to list old shows - Motorola DCT6416

    Rogers Cable - Atlantic Canada
    This one is bizarre. Has anyone experienced this? Twice now (since the upgrade), my Motorola DCT6416 III PVR has somehow managed to REVERT its memory to only list shows which were previously recorded, watched, and DELETED a week or so earlier. The only way to describe the problem is as if the...
  12. Sonos upgrades firmware; releases Android App

    Industry News
    Sonos, makers of wireless music systems for the home, announced this week the release of Sonos System Software 3.4 along with a new Sonos Controller for Android application and an updated iOS app. In addition to support for the new Android app, the new firmware adds several new features for iOS...
  13. Telus TV users complain of poor picture quality after firmware update

    Industry News
    Optik TV, Telus' Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) service, has recently updated the firmware that powers its digital television receivers to Microsoft Mediaroom 2.02. Digital Home readers have complemented Telus on some of the new features, such as the ability to record programs from...
  14. Newest Shaw Direct HD Receivers get a firmware update

    Industry News
    Over the last week Shaw Direct has been rolling out new firmware - version 04.06 - for the company's HDDSR 605 and HDPVR 630 direct-to-home satellite receivers. Shaw says the new firmware leaves the user interface largely unchanged but includes numerous bug fixes which make for a smoother and...
  15. What changes / improvements would you like to see for Rogers Digital Cable?

    Rogers Cable TV
    Some of the improvements I'd like to see in 2011 are an updated firmware for my HD box that will have: IPG updates such as a true 16x9 guide, with more screen space for tv listings a true 16x9 preview window in the guide instead of squishing widescreen content into a 4x3 preview box...
  16. Samsung users complain Android 2.2 update is bricking phones

    Industry News
    Samsung yesterday announced that a free upgrade to Android 2.2 (Froyo) is now available for the Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant, and will soon be available for all Samsung Galaxy S smartphones. Digital Home Readers report the update became available last Saturday and since then many Samsung owners on...
  17. Rogers Cable delivers firmware update for 8300 HD PVR

    Industry News
    Without any fanfare, Rogers Cable in Ontario this week began rolling out new firmware for the company's popular 8300 dual tuner HD PVR. Firmware SARA began rolling out on Tuesday and should be available to all 8300 HD owners in coming days. A complete list of new features in the...
  18. Used wrong Bravia Firmware to update. Any solutions?

    HDTV: High Definition Television (LCD & Plasma)
    Hey. I have a Sony Bravia KDL-40S5100 and always did my firmware updates without any problems... Except yesterday when I flashed the wrong firmware (KDL-40V5100). :( Now, when I turn on the TV, it turns itself off after 3 seconds without anything onscreen, except for the Bravia logo for 1...
  19. Bell TV updates HD PVR firmware

    Industry News
    Bell TV this week will begin rolling out new firmware for the company's 9241 and 9242 dual tuner HD PVRs which the company says will enable support for 2TB external hard drives and resolves the previous issue where some customers could not access interactive television applications. The...
  20. Bell TV 9242 Firmware Update V187 (Sept 15, 2010))

    Bell Satellite TV PVR, HD PVR and HD Receivers
    Update begins rolling out today. New firmware will support Bell's new on demand service and enable 2TB support for external drives.