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  1. Wish You Could Open Your Door Without a Key? Telus Fibre Optics Brings High Tech Future Homes to Calgary

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    Dreaming of your future home? If you live in Calgary, it could soon be a smart one. Telus, Canada’s fastest-growing national telecommunications company, is currently building infrastructure to allow fibre optic networks to transform our idea of what a home is. Telus is doing this by putting...
  2. Telus To Expand Fiber-Optic Internet in Vancouver

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    Telus Corp. announced last week that it plans to spend $1-billion in fiber-optic expansion in Vancouver, in a new strategic move. According to an article in the Globe and Mail, the new step is part of a larger capital spending push by Telus and other telephone companies such as BCE Inc. to...
  3. SaskTel Launches New Fibre Optic Network, infiNET

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    SaskTel just launched infiNET, a new fibre optic network capable of blazing download speeds of up to 200 Mbps. The FTTP (Fibre to the Premises) service launch, which took place on August 9th, is part of a seven-year $670 million dollar investment to deploy fibre directly to homes and upgrading...
  4. Bell Aliant Connecting Corner Brook, NL to FibreOP Network

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    Bell Aliant (TSX: BA) announced it will invest $4.1 million to connect Corner Brook, NL to its FibreOP network. This means that the fibre-to-the home (FTTH) service will now reach more than 10,000 homes and businesses in the area. Andre LeBlanc, VP Residential Services, Bell Aliant adds: "We...
  5. IPTV in Canada: An update

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    Had Telus Optik TV (e.g. IPTV via mediaroom) earlier this year ... Shaw Gateway kicks its butt and is less buggy .... (any multiroom solution out there is still buggy fyi but Shaw Gateway is the least buggy)
  6. Myth: Bell Fibe TV is Fibre to the Home

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    Ok granted it is not at the same speed as fibre but with VDSL having 30 Mbps download is still not bad across TP copper and with the new technologies in development achieving 100 Mbps on the same copper is fantastic and should cover the needs of most homeowners for a very long time. Is Bell...
  7. Fibre to the Home: The future of Internet Connectivity

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    An Angus Reid study released this past summer found that nearly one half of online Canadians surveyed said they would give up television service before they would give up Internet or phone service. The survey shows, that for many Canadians, a connection to the internet is no longer a luxury...