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  1. Bell Fibe TV
    I've had Bell's Fibe-TV for 4 months now with no problems other this this annoyance. Every channel appears properly formatted except one: RT-America (channel #517) appears to be showing 16x9 content in a 4x3 frame (so it appears squished). I checked with my neighbor who subscribes to Rogers's...
  2. Bell Fibe TV
    I have 3 FibeTV Motorola TV receivers connected with coax to the Bell Sagemcom router in my home. The Sagemcom router is in the basement and the Wifi coverage is not adequate to cover our home. I noticed that if I plug the Playstation ethernet cable directly into the back of the RJ45 port on the...
  3. Bell Fibe TV
    I noticed today that Bell has updated its FibeTV availability tool on its website, and noticed that service has now been extended into the east end of downtown Toronto. This is mainly in postal code M5A. The issue though, is for my location. I entered in my address and still had "not...
  4. Industry News
    Last month, at the Canadian Club in Toronto, George Cope President and CEO at Bell announced the official launch of Bell`s Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) service, called FibeTV, would occur in Toronto and Montreal this summer. Ahead of the official launch in coming weeks, Bell has now...
1-4 of 4 Results