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  1. Bell Fibe TV problems and Complaints

    Bell Fibe TV
    This is my first time posting to a forum so hopefully I won't mess up! I have had Fibe TV since Aug.3/10 and have had problems since day one. 1) When I watch recorded programs a 'Summary' menu pops up all by itself about 10 minutes into the program. I have to hit the 'Resume Play' option to...
  2. POTS and Bell Fibe FTTH

    Bell Canada Home Phone and Internet
    Hi. Our 30 year old condo building was wired for Bell FTTH last year but I never considered switching from DSL (Fibe 25/10) because the fibre had to be run to a phone jack in the bedroom and my PVR, Apple TV, etc. are all in the living room on the other side of the apartment. Long story short...
  3. Bell Aliant Fibe VLANs Bridge?

    Bell Aliant Home Phone, Internet, IPTV
    I have the following setup: ONT -> Ubiquiti Radio 1 -> Ubiquiti Radio 2 -> switch ->pfsense I bridge VLAN 35 and internet works great for the last 6 months. I now want to add TV. I have read the various threads and have determined that the easiest ( to avoid IGMP proxy on pfsense, etc.) is...
  4. STB Registration Issue

    Bell Fibe TV
    Hi! Been looking around all day for a solution to my problem, figured I'd try to see if anyone here's got anything! Got Fibe installed yesterday. Everything was working great until I woke up this morning. When I turned on the receiver, I had no channels and had to register the receiver. Took a...
  5. Bell Fibe TV Customers Will No Longer Need Fibe Internet to Access TV Services in 2017

    Industry News
    This Tuesday, Bell announced a change to their Fibe TV service. Beginning in 2017, the company says Fibe TV customers will no longer be required to also sign up for Fibe Internet service in order to access their Fibe TV service. "As we align our next-generation IPTV technologies, we're...
  6. Atlantic Canada's Bell Aliant FibreOP is transforming into Fibe

    Industry News
    This week, Bell Aliant announced that FibreOP will transform into Fibe, the Bell TV and Internet platform, changing Atlantic Canada’s TV and Internet service. "The Bell Aliant team has delivered the best TV and the fastest Internet services to Atlantic Canadians, and now we're ready to take our...
  7. VIP 2262 won't turn off

    Bell Fibe TV
    Hi. Every few weeks my 2262 gets stubborn and won't turn off, either with the remote or by pushing the power button. The light goes out when I push either button (remote or box), but comes right back on. Eventually, after as many as 30 pushes, the light will go out and stay out. It happened...
  8. What does a Fibe community service box look like?

    Bell Fibe TV
    Does anyone know what a Bell Fibe community service box / switch looks like? I'm trying to find one near my house. A bit of back story, I had a Fibe TV and internet install booked two weeks ago. I have Fibre to the home in my new sub-division, but the installer said the switch isn't hooked up...
  9. How does Bell Fibe (2013) work - Technology Discussion

    Bell Fibe TV
    I have just got Bell Fibe (TV+Internet+Phone) installed - replacing Rogers Cable. (I am normally keen to deep dive into any technology that I am using and thought of starting this thread. I do not want to duplicate information so if this is already being talked about elsewhere please let me...
  10. Is it worth switching from Bell DSL interrnet 5 to Bell Fibe internet 5/1?

    Bell Canada Home Phone and Internet
    Hi I am in Deux Montagnes North Shore on Montreal and been using internet 5 (DSL) which is 5mbps down and 1 up (I think). Actually getting 3.4 down sometimes throttles to 2 but then I reboot the modem to get more. when I called and bugged them for more they were able to set it at 4.4 mbps but...
  11. Fibe and VPN

    Bell Canada Home Phone and Internet
    Right now I have Bell DSL 5/1 unlimited and I'm thinking it's time to go for Fibe 25/10 (Bell site says it's available at my number) to get more speed for less money (I never get anywhere near the 125GB cap, so that won't be a problem). I work from home using a laptop and Avaya VoIP phone...
  12. Folders in Fibe PVR

    Bell Fibe TV
    I can't seem to group shows into 'folders' (ie all episodes of Simpsons are under one folder) for my Fibe PVR. I've seen screen shots where there is a number beside multiple shows but I don't seem to be able to get that. Is there a setting that I am missing, or should I contact Bell. Boubacar
  13. Bell FTTH throughout Qu�bec City

    Bell Fibe TV
    Bell FTTH throughout Québec City Québec innovation and investment: Bell turns on broadband Fibe network throughout Québec City • Bell has invested more than $225 million to deploy new broadband fibre optic technology directly to homes and businesses across the city • Fibe network supports...
  14. Bell T�l� Fibe

    Bell Télé (Forum en français)
    Bell Télé Fibe Bonjour, Est-ce qu'il y en a qui ont des primeurs sur Bell Télé Fibe en dehors de Mtl et Toronto ? J'habite à Québec et toujours pas disponible... le site de Bell ne fonctionne pas bien pour la disponibilité... fin 2011 dans la province ? Merci !
  15. Average Bell TV subscriber spends $75 a month

    Industry News
    The average Bell television customer spent $74.79 a month on television services in the fourth quarter of 2010, up 5.2% from $71.12 in the same quarter of 2009 according to figures from Bell's recent financial statements. By the end of the October to December period, the company had 2,020,098...
  16. Fibe TV ready households now stands at two millions

    Bell Fibe TV
    In financial statements today Bell said the number of Fibe ready households reached approximately 2 million in 2010. The company expects that number to rise to 4 million by the end of 2011.
  17. Fibe, Questions..

    Bell Fibe TV
    Im thinking of ditching bell tv after 5 years. Love the service, prices are good but sick of satellite tv losing signal in bad storms. The new Fibe tv service is available in my area.I currently have the fibe25 internet. Ive read that its a max of 4 set top box's. My question is i have 5 tvs. I...