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  1. Home Hub 3000 - Advanced DMZ Not Working

    Bell Aliant Home Phone, Internet, IPTV
    I've been trying to get the Advanced DMZ feature working on my Bell Aliant Home Hub 3000. I'm able to get the WAN IP address on the DMZ computer, but nothing is forwarded by the router. If I disable Advanced DMZ and use the standard DMZ, everything works properly, but not with Advanced...
  2. Local DNS on Home Hub 3000

    Bell Canada Home Phone and Internet
    Hi, I just got Bell Fibe Gigabit installed with a Home Hub 3000 and I noticed that it doesn't seems to the internal DNS Server enabled. I get absolutely no DNS resolution inside my network. Everything on the web works just fine, but everything that is inside my house doesn't resolve to any host...
  3. Bell Fibe TV Customers Will No Longer Need Fibe Internet to Access TV Services in 2017

    Industry News
    This Tuesday, Bell announced a change to their Fibe TV service. Beginning in 2017, the company says Fibe TV customers will no longer be required to also sign up for Fibe Internet service in order to access their Fibe TV service. "As we align our next-generation IPTV technologies, we're...
  4. Bell Launches the World's First Fully Wireless 4K IPTV Service with Fibe TV

    Industry News
    Yesterday, Bell announced the availability of the new Home Hub 3000 from Fibe TV. The new modem/router provides consumers in Canada with the country’s most powerful Wi-Fi as well as the world's first fully wireless IPTV service through the Wireless 4K Whole Home PVR. "Bell has taken the...
  5. Bell Gigabit Fibe Discussion

    Bell Canada Home Phone and Internet
    Here are the highlights from Bell's press release: Bell Gigabit Fibe bringing the fastest Internet to Toronto residents with a billion-dollar+ network investment, creation of 2,400 direct jobs Bell Canada today announced it will deliver gigabit-per-second Internet speeds to homes and...
  6. micro coupure internet Fibe 10

    Bell Télé (Forum en français)
    Bonjour, j'ai internet Fibe 10, et suis avec Bell Fibe depuis le début à Montréal. J'utilise beaucoup la musique sans fil chez moi, et j'avais régulièrement des coupures de son. Je mettais ça sur le compte de mon réseau wifi interne. Depuis 2 mois, je me suis fait installer un système complet...
  7. Few Fibre Op Install Questions

    Bell Aliant Home Phone, Internet, IPTV
    Hey all, I'm upgrading my internet and phone to FibreOp tomorrow. I install Bell TV (satellite) for a living, but don't deal with the phone and internet at all, so I just have a few questions regarding the install to make sure I can make it as easy for the guys showing up tomorrow as possible...
  8. Migration from Bell Entertainment Service to Fibe TV & Internet

    Bell Fibe TV
    Hello all, There must be other people here in a similar situation... I've been with Bell Entertainment for a little over year and have been extremely impressed with the service. Introductory pricing was outstanding; I had the bundle that included 6 or 7 theme packs + HBO & TMN for $75 a month...