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  1. CRTC decision could cost consumers hundreds of millions annually

    Industry News
    After rejecting the proposal on two previous decisions, the CRTC has succumbed to intense political lobbying and is now recommending a form of fee-for-carriage (FFC) tax that could cost Canadian consumers hundreds of millions of dollars annually. The CRTC Broadcasting order , announced...
  2. CRTC website invites feedback on the TV Tax

    Industry News
    The CRTC today announced a new website where Canadians can comment on how the agency regulates the Canadian broadcasting system. The federal regulator says it is seeking the views of consumers on whether it should impose additional taxes in order to subsidize the cost of local television...
  3. Millions of Canadians will be unable to watch the Grey Cup

    Industry News
    In recent months, conventional broadcasters such as CTVglobemedia and CanWest Global, have urged the federal government to slap a $350 million a year TV tax on Canadian consumers in order to support local television stations. The private broadcasters claim that viewership on local over-the-air...
  4. Coalition demands CRTC stop television tax

    Industry News
    Coalition demands CRTC stop television tax Saying that this is no time to ask Canadian families to pay up to $10 more per month on their television bills, a group of Canada's cable and satellite providers today launched a campaign urging the CRTC to avoid adding any more taxes to Canadians...