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  1. Bell Satellite TV PVR, HD PVR and HD Receivers
    When going on vacation, can I unplug my 6131 and eHD for an extended period of time, like 10 to 21 days? A related question, what happens when the power returns after an unexpected power failure? Will the system automatically restart without problems when the power is turned on? Would the eHD...
  2. HDTV: High Definition Television (LCD & Plasma)
    Hi All, I've got what seems to be a dead pixel problem that has become a significant issue with my Toshiba 47HL167 TV. It had started with a reasonably large grouping (120ish?) pixels failing seemingly at once and has since over the past week spidered up the screen in a row of vertically...
  3. Windows Computing
    On the eve before Microsoft tries to redeem itself after years of disappointments, CNN reports on the stunning failures leading up to this day. From Windows 98, to Windows Me, to Media Centre Edition to the colossal sinkhole called Vista, this retrospective reminds us not to expect too much...
1-3 of 3 Results