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  1. How Facebook is Getting Around Canadian Privacy Laws by Using Object Recognition in its Moments App

    Industry News
    Are you using Facebook’s Moments application? You may be surprised to learn just how it works, here in Canada. Introduced back in of 2015[/URL] , Moments allows you to easily and quickly share photos taken of your friends with those very people. Traditionally, the app uses facial...
  2. Americans Can Now Keep Up to Date With Facebook’s Notify

    Industry News
    Yesterday, Facebook announced the release of Notify south of the border, a new app from the social network that delivers timely notifications to users, as selected by the user. According to Facebook, Notify makes it easy for users to keep up-to-date about events, forecasts, places, products and...
  3. Facebook Serving 1 Billion Friends, and Counting

    Industry News
    It was inevitable that Facebook would bring in a billion friends to its social network. That means that now 1 of 7 people in the world use the site. The milestone was acknowledged by CEO Mark Zuckerberg in an Oct. 4th blog post: “This morning, there are more than one billion people using...
  4. Future Shop Already Geared Up for Back to School

    Industry News
    As millions of students slam the books shut to celebrate a glorious summer vacation, Future Shop is ready to open up the cash registers when they return in September. Future Shop, which is the top stop for student laptops, has the computer models most in sync with the student lifestyle. Whether...
  5. Bell Aliant Connecting Corner Brook, NL to FibreOP Network

    Industry News
    Bell Aliant (TSX: BA) announced it will invest $4.1 million to connect Corner Brook, NL to its FibreOP network. This means that the fibre-to-the home (FTTH) service will now reach more than 10,000 homes and businesses in the area. Andre LeBlanc, VP Residential Services, Bell Aliant adds: "We...