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external hard drive

  1. Bell Satellite TV

    Industry News
    Bell TV, formerly known as Bell ExpressVu, Dish Network Canada and ExpressVu Dish Network, is the division of Bell Canada that provides Direct-to-Home satellite television service across Canada. The service, which launched on September 10, 1997, has over 1.8 million subscribers and competes...
  2. Updated Bell External Hard Drive FAQ

    Industry News
    In the last five years, the amount of high definition programming on television has exploded but unfortunately the storage capacity of many HD PVR's has remained virtually unchanged. To deal with the problem, companies like Bell TV have resorted to offering consumers the ability to connect an...
  3. External HDD Partitioning Question

    Home Computing
    I picked up an 1 TB external hard drive to have for extra storage/backup of videos, pictures and music and I'm looking for some suggestions on whether or not I should partition it and, if so, what the best arrangement would be. (e.g., four primary partitions or one primary partition with...
  4. Jumper Block pin Position for a PATA external hard drive

    Home Computing
    So I got a old PATA Seagate 80 GB HD that were getting a enternal Hard drive enclosure for off ebay. Anyway it was installed in a Dell desktop, I plan to hook it up to a computer...
  5. Samsung USB 3.0 external hard drives offer superior speed

    Industry News
    Samsung today announced a new line of USB 3.0 external hard drives which the company says offer ten times the speed as previous generation USB 2.0 drives. The Samsung Story Station line of external drives employ the SuperSpeed USB 3.0 interface which offers a maximum transfer rate of 5 gigabits...
  6. Imation ships world’s first wireless external hard drive

    Industry News
    Imation today announced the U.S. availability of what the company claims is the world’s first Wireless USB external hard drive, which allows consumers to wirelessly transfer files from their computer to the drive. The company says the Pro WX Wireless USB hard drive has a wireless range of up to...
  7. SA8300HD - External SATA Drive Works, Please Read Post 1 and Post 1 Links

    Rogers Cable TV: HD PVR Discussion
    This thread is designed to assist people wishing to add an eHDD to an 8300HD. Check out the links below: Note regarding the May 2011 Rogers firmware update: This firmware was supposedly to fix problems with the eHDD. Post your...