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  1. Nothing will stream to 360 anymore, getting desperate

    Video Game Consoles and PC Gaming
    Streaming content wirelessly to my xbox 360 has been working flawlessly for about a year now, then suddenly, the whole thing just breaks. It will however stream if it's wired, but this function is useless to me. What happens when you try to watch either live TV on the 360 or recorded TV is a...
  2. Bell TV 6131 Discussion thread

    Bell Satellite TV PVR, HD PVR and HD Receivers
    This discussion thread is for owners to discuss the new ExpressVu 6131 HD Receiver when it becomes available. Any posts discussing when it will be available or from NON-owners will be deleted and the poster will receive an infraction. Once again, this thread is for OWNERS only. For...
  3. HDMI 1.3 Extenders that work?

    Home Theatre Construction
    Can anybody tell me of a setup where they have had a 100% reliable connection over UTP,STP,Fiber from a reciever to a projector through DVI, or a TV sharp 64U? Extron says they don't support HDMI 1.3 yet? which leads me to geffen which i have my doubt about. any help would be appreciated