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  1. Industry News
    Shaw Communications announced this week that it has adopted Motorola's new DreamGallery software which will enable the cable giant to develop custom electronic program guides for its digital Cable set top boxes. DreamGallery is a cloud-based HTML5 video tool suite which Motorola says will give...
  2. Home Theatre Personal Computer & Media Extenders
    My HP Media PC and the loaded Media Centre program worked fine for roughly 2 years and then stopped downloading the Electronic Program Guide (EPG) making it impossible to record TV offerings. Generally, it works the same as the EPG on cable DVR(PVR), you find a program and hit the record button...
  3. Windows Computing
    My Media Centre has lost it's Electronic Program Guide and after visiting a few tech sites and the MS media Centre website I am unable to restore it to it's former glory. Even visiting The Green Button (dedicated to Media Centre) site has proven fruitless. The EPG first disappeared last spring...
1-3 of 3 Results