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  1. Industry News
    Toronto-headquartered Kobo Inc. grew its e-reader customer base by 2.5 million in the first quarter. The Japanese-owned e-reader company now has 14.5 million registered users worldwide, with 15 percent of its new users coming from the United States. Kobo said that customers were reading 34...
  2. Industry News
    Japanese eCommerce leader, Rakuten, owner of e-reader company Kobo, said it plans to invest $100 million in the trendy social media site, Pinterest. Pinterest, which allows users to 'pin' images and follow other people's images in an online scrapbook framework, is enjoying a tremendous surge...
  3. Smartphone/Tablet (Android, Blackberry & iOS)
    The Playbook (PB) includes a Kobo books app which functions perfectly with books purchased from Kobo, but is 'locked in' to the site and the PB's Kobo app will not recognize non-DRMed epub files transferred through a USB connection to the PB's documents sub-folder. While it is possible to...
1-3 of 3 Results