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  1. Shaw Direct Satellite
    Have a 530, since Christmas. Running on component to a Samsung 50" DLP All of a sudden yesterday the picture goes almost completely white, with some black shadowy figures the only colour. The menu was starkly white with black letters. Switch to DVD - (HDMI) full colour. Switch to WD HD...
  2. Shaw Direct Satellite
    I am trying to get my DVR remote to recognize my Samsung HT-TX75 Audio receiver/dvd player, and it just isn't happening. The codes on the Starchoice website (i tried every Samsung one, even vcr and tv codes) do not work, and i spent a good deal of time doing the manual search to no avail Does...
  3. Shaw Direct Satellite
    On Saturday, I was turned on my DSR530 from idle and decided to play some programming from my 750GB internal hard drive. It was something I just wanted to fast forward through and so I did and when it ended I was brought back to the programme menu. Then, I tried to move the cursor to Delete...
  4. Shaw Direct Satellite
    I was helping a neighbour set up her DSR 505 tonight and asked the activation CS rep if the 505 qualified for the lifetime warranty if it was part of a multiple receiver package. She informed me that it did qualify, AS DOES MY DVR 530!! Apparently, there's been a change in policy and as long as...
1-4 of 4 Results