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  1. Over-The-Air (OTA) Digital Television
    Plex, the DVR for cord cutters The Plex DVR is in beta now for Plex Pass members and works with HDHomeRun Connect/Extend tuners. I won't have time to give it a whirl until late Sept, but if anyone else gets it going, please share your thoughts here.
  2. Television Industry / Channels and Providers
    Well, since this debate seems to keep coming up, I thought it might be a good idea to start a general topic where we can specifically compare (and keep up to date with) the latest receivers/DVR hardware offered by each major cable and satellite provider in Canada, to give everyone an idea of...
  3. Rogers Cable TV
    One of my customer has a DVR coax video connected to Rogers cable through a RF modulator. He was able to watch the DVR output on channel 556 and 998 before. However, lately after he got Rogers new STB, the cable channel shows it is connected to the DVR, but it doesn't display the picture...
  4. Home Automation and Security
    i need help configuring my 4 channel dvr for my camera system with my computer..... i dont know how to set an ip adress so i can see my cameras on my computer
  5. Industry News
    The average American watched 34 hours and 39 minutes of television per week during the final three months of 2010 according to a recent State of the Media report by the Nielsen company. The ratings giant said that American Seniors (Adults 65+) watched the most television heaviest, a whopping 47...
  6. Industry News
    While the Personal Video Recorder (aka Digital Video Recorder or DVR) is a welcome addition to any home theatre, one of the most sought after PVR features is the ability to playback from a single digital video recorder (DVR) to multiple TVs. PVR's with the ability to serve up multiple...
  7. Industry News
    Bigger screen televisions, Wifi and PVRs are among the hottest new trends and devices in American homes according to Nielsens second quarter 2010 home technology report. Tech devices which aren't so hot include: satellite radio, DVD players, VCRs and personal digital assistants. The survey of...
  8. Over-The-Air (OTA) Digital Television
    Hi Everyone, I'm relativley new to the whole OTA thing... I've been operating with it for the last couple of months and so far it's been good to me, but I'm not home during the times that most of the "good stuff" is on (at least the stuff I enjoy) and was wondering what a good PVR/DVR would be...
  9. MTS
    Second time this has happened to me - go to play back a recording (on an SD channel) and all I get is a black screen. Fast forward button won't work but the skip buttons do work. The strange thing is that this is on the main box. Playback on the second box works fine! Happened to anybody else...
  10. Industry News
    Samsung and Videotron have announced an agreement which would see Videotron become the first cable company in Canada to offer "True2Way" service using Samsung's multi-room Digital Video Recorder (DVR). Details of when Videotron would begin offering the new Samsung devices with True2Way...
  11. Industry News
    Compton Communications, a small cable, internet and telephone services provider in the Port Perry and Uxbridge Ontario region, this week announced it will become the first cable operator in Canada to offer TiVo HD digital video recorders (DVR) to its customers. Known as the gold standard for...
  12. Home Theatre Corner
    DISH Network in the United States today announced its DTVPal DVR - a standalone digital to analog converter and digital video recorder - will be available for preorder starting Nov. 19, with sales projected to begin in mid-December.
  13. EastLink
    If I bought a dct-6200 or 6412 from Future Shop or on eBay, would it work on a 2nd television if I already rent a 6412 from Eastlink for my primary television?
1-13 of 16 Results