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  1. CBC launches Over-the-Air HD in Calgary and Edmonton

    Industry News
    Just in time for Hockey Playoffs, the CBC has announced that its Over-The-Air digital television transmitters in Calgary and Edmonton will officially launch on April 1st. The new high definition stations will also be available on Shaw Cable in the two Alberta Centres and will arrive on Telus TV...
  2. CRTC says broadcasters must air ads notifying viewers of switch to digital television

    Industry News
    The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) said today that it will require conventional television stations to air commercials informing Canadians about this year’s transition to digital television. Starting on or before May 1st, conventional television stations will...
  3. CRTC approves DTV transmitter for CHCH in London

    Industry News
    In a broadcasting decision handed down today, the CRTC has approved an application to add a digital television transmitter for CHCH-TV to serve London Ontario. CHCH-TV, which is owned and operated by Channel Zero, is an independent TV station operating out of Hamilton Ontario which broadcasts...
  4. Build your own "Super OTA TV Antenna"

    Industry News
    Did you know there are more than twenty five over-the-air (OTA) television stations currently broadcasting High definition (HD) signals in Canada plus many more HD stations which spill over into Canada from the United States? The knowledge that a multitude of free over-the-air high definition...
  5. CRTC approves DTV transmitter for Omni.2 in London

    Industry News
    In a broadcasting decision handed down this week, the CRTC has approved an application to add a digital transmitter for CJMT-TV to serve London Ontario. CJMT-TV, which is owned by Rogers Media, broadcasts multicultural programming out of Toronto. It uses the on-air brand OMNI.2, and is a sister...
  6. Digital Television transition in 2011 could cost consumers $73.5 million

    Industry News
    By August 31, 2011, Canadian local television stations in most parts of Canada will have to broadcast digital over-the-air TV signals instead of analog signals. This means that Canadians who watch television stations using over-the-air (OTA) antennas or “rabbit-ears” antenna may be required to...
  7. ON - Ottawa, Vanier, Gloucester, Orleans - OTA

    OTA Reception Results
    Getting started. I live just north of the Racetrack/Casino, Quinn Rd I have lived with rabbit ears for years and want to upgrade to an outside antenna system for 3 TVs picking up as much UHF and VHF signals as possible to start with. By living with cheap rabbit ears running two TVs for years, I...
  8. CKVU Digital TV now live in Vancouver

    Industry News
    Just one week after it received CRTC approval, CKVU Digital television has gone live over-the-air (OTA) in Vancouver on digital channel 10.1. Digital Home readers first reported the station was on-air early Tuesday afternoon. The new HD television station, owned by Rogers Broadcasting, is...
  9. CRTC approves CKVU Digital TV station in Vancouver

    Industry News
    In Broadcasting Decision CRTC 2010-108 issued today, the CRTC has approved an application by Rogers Broadcasting Limited to operate a transitional digital television station associated with CKVU-TV Vancouver. In its application, Rogers has proposed to simulcast the programming aired on CKVU-TV...
  10. CKVU-TV Digital TV application approved in Part

    Television Industry / Channels and Providers
    From Broadcasting Decision CRTC 2010-108 handed down today Background The Commission received an application by Rogers Broadcasting Limited (Rogers) for a broadcasting licence to operate a transitional digital television (DTV) programming undertaking associated with CKVU-TV Vancouver. Rogers...
  11. ATSC adopts mobile digital TV standard

    Industry News
    The Advanced Television Systems Committee announced last Friday its approval of the (ATSC) A/153 ATSC Mobile DTV Standard, the technical specifications necessary for broadcasters to provide new services to mobile and handheld devices using their digital television (DTV) transmissions. The...
  12. Favourite 2nd-Tier DTV Networks from U.S. for their programming? (See Post #1)

    Over-The-Air (OTA) Digital Television
    A common question from newcomers to OTA is what the programming is like, as opposed to the usual technical questions. Here's a chance to answer that question from the perspective of Second Tier U.S. DTV networks. The First Tier DTV networks from the U.S. are NBC, CBS, ABC, PBS, and FOX. We are...
  13. Proposed idea to CRTC: Is this a solution for temp DTV?

    Over-The-Air (OTA) Digital Television
    Hi everyone, I've drafted a little letter I've been planning to send to the CRTC with a proposed idea that might expedite DTV OTA for all of us, though I've used Ottawa as the example. What do you think? Is this a feasible idea? I would appreciate input on the matter. ********** In 2011...
  14. Ideas for DTV Sub-Channels in Canada?

    Over-The-Air (OTA) Digital Television
    I noticed that the CBC stations do not have any sub stations. It would be great if CBC can put Newsworld in SD format as a sub channel. Does anyone know if this has ever been discussed? Thanks, Dave
  15. CRTC approves CFCN-TV Calgary – Transitional digital television station

    Television Industry / Channels and Providers
    In Broadcasting Decision CRTC 2008-327 handed down yesterday, the Commission approves an application by CTVglobemedia Inc., on behalf of its subsidiary CTV Television Inc. for a broadcasting licence to operate an English-language transitional digital television station associated with CFCN-TV...
  16. Over 9 million U.S. homes unprepared for digital tv

    HDTV: High Definition Television (LCD & Plasma)
    According to a survey released today by the Nielsen Company, more than 9 million American households are not ready for the upcoming transition to all-digital broadcasting and would be unable to receive any television programming at all if the transition occurred today.
  17. U.S. Consumer Electronics Industry sales to top $173 billion in 2008

    HDTV: High Definition Television (LCD & Plasma)
    This mid-year forecast increases CEA’s projection for 2008 shipment revenues, which was last updated in January 2008, by $2 billion. Leading the way are digital displays, with shipment revenues approaching $28 billion. Digital Television (DTV) shipments represent 16 percent of all CE shipment...
  18. Splitters, Attenuators, Filters, Diplexers, Other Signal Gear

    Over-The-Air (OTA) Digital Television
    Sounds to me like that channel 2 signal is very strong and just overdriving your system. I would add a channel 2 band stop filter CR7-Series: Semi-Adjacent Bandstop (any channel 5 to 800 MHz) Tin Lee is a Toronto based company thats the best source...
  19. Signal Amplifiers (Amps, Preamps, Distro Amps)

    Over-The-Air (OTA) Digital Television
    This Preamplifier Comparison Chart was modified by holl_ands from an original chart at Solid Signal to show Max Input for two Strong Signals. It was reformatted into PDF form by stampeder with permission of holl_ands for the OTA Forum. If you have any questions about the data in...