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  1. Where can I see my hit times on a DSR530?

    Shaw Direct Satellite
    I have a DSR530 and a 2-sat Ku LNB on a 75E dish which has worked well but had been acting up for about a week. The sound was out of sync and very grainy, sometimes there was no sound all and some channels only worked after I changed to another channel on the other satellite and went back to...
  2. Reparations for DSR530 customers considering moving to 630?

    Shaw Direct Satellite
    I don't know if we're allowed to discuss this type of thing or not, but here goes. Now that the 630 is showing up in people's homes, I was wondering if unhappy owners of the 530 are being offered any kind of incentive to upgrade? I call this "reparations" since the 530 was such a poor product...