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  1. Industry News
    Stay smart on the road and avoid errors that will land you in a dangerous situation or with a hefty ticket, with these apps and devices. Speeding tickets: no one wants them. Whether you've hit a school zone all of a sudden, or you didn't realize how fast you were going, they're unwelcome...
  2. Industry News
    State Farm, one of the largest car and home insurer in North America, recently conducted an online survey of of 912 drivers who met the following criteria: had a valid driver's license, reported driving at least one hour per week, and owned a smart phone. Of these drivers, about one in five (19...
  3. Industry News
    One in four (27%) American adults say they have texted while driving, the same proportion as the number of driving age teens (26%) who say they have texted while driving. The numbers come from are report entitled "Adults and cell phone distractions" released today by the Pew Internet and...
  4. Industry News
    British Columbia's ban on the use of hand-held communication and entertainment devices came into effect on January 1, 2010. The province says that the use of such devices is the leading cause of distracted-driving accidents that kill 117 a year and send another 1,400 to hospital. Similar to...
  5. Smartphone/Tablet (Android, Blackberry & iOS)
    Almost nine out of ten Canadians drivers (86%) do not approve of people using a cell phone when driving yet more than half (52%) of them who have cell phones admit to using them while behind the wheel according to a recent RBC Insurance/Ipsos Reid survey. Interesting!
1-5 of 6 Results